A qualification from FASS equips you with the transferable skills that employers are looking for. After completing an undergraduate qualification in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, you will:

  • Be well-qualified, with a recognised university qualification
  • Be able to engage critically with information presented in a range of media styles
  • Have effective communication skills
  • Have skills of research and analysis, with the ability to use these skills to make informed decisions
  • Be able to provide informed reason in areas of discussion or dispute
  • Be an independent thinker, with the flexibility to adapt to a variety of situations
  • Have knowledge of how people behave, and how society works.

Career Possibilities

The large range of subjects on offer in FASS leads our graduates to a wide range of professions. We've put together a list of some of the challenging careers that our graduates go into.

Career Pathways

It is never too early to think about possible career choices for the future. While you are studying, think about how you can improve your profile as an applicant for the career you want.

Find Work

We've compiled a list of helpful links to assist you in finding work during or after study. Career Development Services offers a range of free services that will help you to find work.