Study Advice

Division Advisers

Advisers within the Division are able to assist you with matters pertaining to your study that fall outside of the ambit of your course co-ordinator, subject administrator, or programme of study.

Graduate Advisers

Each programme designates a staff member as its graduate adviser. If you are seeking a supervisor for a research project, dissertations and/or theses you should consult with a graduate adviser. The graduate adviser may help students with the process of planning their graduate study either by discussions with them or by suggesting which academic staff the student should approach.

Graduate Advisers are available throughout the year to:

  • Check applications to enrol;
  • Give preliminary advice on papers and supervision before directing students to different members of the programme;
  • Arrange decisions about room allocation, computer allocation and servicing, the disbursement of Programme resources, etc.;
  • Deal with issues that arise (e.g., disputes over grades for theses).