Creative Writing

Being a great writer will set you up for success in any career path. Study Creative Writing at Waikato and hone your communication skills to develop professionally, or start on a whole new journey as an expert writer.

Creative Writing studies will not only build your confidence and improve your story-telling, but will teach you to write interesting and attention-grabbing copy. You will develop a strength in imaginative writing and creative non-fiction, and will learn to write effectively across a range of genres.

Learn to structure your writing clearly, articulate concepts, read and interpret imaginative and other types of writing, and develop an understanding of reader expectations.

Our English Programme is the proud home of Mayhem, an online literary journal showcasing the creative writing of students, staff and alumni of the University of Waikato.

Complementary subjects of Creative Writing include Creative Practices, English, History, Screen and Media Studies, Theatre Studies and Writing Studies.


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Contributing Staff

Associate Professor Sarah Shieff
Associate Professor, Convenor, English

Dr Tracey Slaughter
Senior Lecturer, Convenor, Writing Studies