Digital Cinema

Positioned at the junctures between traditional filmmaking and new forms of computer-based digital art, digital cinema increasingly blurs boundaries between music video, animation, graphic design, as well as avant-garde, independent, and mainstream cinemas. At Waikato you'll gain an appreciation of the productive exchange between these various forms of digital cinema.

You can specialise in Digital Cinema in conjunction with the Postgraduate Diploma in Screen and Media Studies.

You'll study the aesthetic and theoretical developments in contemporary digital cinema as a springboard to the production of your own short digital films.

You'll also articulate your intentions and analyse your creative endeavours in verbal and written presentations, and are expected to contribute to fellow students' productions.

Digital Cinema Papers

500 Level
SMST507 - Scriptwriting
SMST518 - Digital Cinema: Production
SMST519 - Digital Cinema: Development
SMST591 - Dissertation


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