Labour Studies

Labour Studies looks at the world of work and employment and the social environment in which they take place.

We often think of a job as a way of making a living but work is so much more. The average adult actually spends about a third of their life working. As well as a way of making money, work provides social contact, creates a sense of pride, helps us test our abilities and develops us professionally and personally.

If you are interested in how work shapes people's lives, then Labour Studies is for you. It looks at the social, economic, political and historical foundations of work, from the past to the present.

If you are studying Labour Studies you will look at a number of areas, including changes in the way work is organised, current employment legislation, and the relevance to us here in New Zealand. You will also discuss how these themes fit in the global context and how our employment relations and labour market conditions relate to other important economies, such as Australia, China, Europe, Pacific, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the USA.

Complementary subjects of Labour Studies include Economics, Industrial Relations & Human Resource Management, Psychology, Public Policy, Social Policy, and Sociology.


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