Social Work

Social work is both an academic discipline and a practice-based profession that advocates for social change, social development and social cohesion, in order to empower and liberate people and communities.

Social work is a valuable and necessary profession in our society, particularly as society grows increasingly complex. Social justice and human rights principles are fundamental to social work practice in assisting the improvement of social functioning and social well-being.

Social workers work with individuals, families, whānau, groups, schools and communities, especially with disadvantaged members of society, for whom they may provide advocacy and other skills and services. It is also important that as a profession, social workers have a capacity to carry out research and build a foundation of knowledge to further work in the field, as well as the capacity to analyse, influence and, when necessary, challenge social policies.

Complementary subjects of Social Work include Ethics, Human Development, Maori and Pacific Development, Psychology, Sociology, and Social Policy.


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