Theatre Studies

A major in Theatre Studies at Waikato is a rich and challenging pathway to an arts degree with a wide range of vocational applications. Explore performance, and learn about the evolution of theatre and the creation of performance works.

Waikato's Theatre Studies programme takes a theory-through-practice approach to teaching and learning the art of theatre. We take the live encounter of a theatre performance as our starting point, encouraging you to explore and extend your own dramatic practice.

Many papers in the programme provide opportunities for the practical study of performance, while others examine the theories that have shaped and informed theatre over the ages. Two papers have public performances at their core, with the study process mirroring the creative process of page-to-stage, or idea-to-stage, that results in the performance. You'll learn about, and potentially add to, New Zealand's rich array of theatrical forms, established and traditional, and new and experimental.


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