Assoc. Prof. Māui Hudson

Iwi: Whakatōhea, Ngā Ruahine, Te Māhurehure

Qualifications: BHSc(Physiotherapy) AIT, MHSc(Ethics) AUT

[email protected]

Associate Professor / Manukura

Research Interests

Māori research ethics, interface of mātauranga Māori and science, Māori innovation, Indigenous Data Sovereignty

Māui is an interdisciplinary researcher who focuses on the application of mātauranga Māori to decision-making across a range of contemporary contexts from new technologies to health, the environment to innovation. He has co-authored a number of ethical guidelines including Te Ara Tika: Guidelines on Māori Research Ethics, a framework for researchers and ethics committee members; Te Mata Ira Guidelines on Genomic Research with Māori; and He Tangata Kei Tua Guidelines on Biobanking with Māori.

Māui's current research projects include;

Te Nohonga Kaitiaki - developing Guidelines for Genomic Research with Taonga Species
Co-Innovation Interface - exploring Māori perspectives on gene editing
Te Tuakiri o te Taonga - developing Biocultural Labels to recognise indigenous rights in genomic data
He Papa Moana - developing a cross cultural ocean knowledge platform as part of the Moana project
Māori IP & Responsible Innovation - understanding the intersection between intellectual property and Indigenous data sovereignty

Māui supports Māori to engage in the research sector as a co-convener of SING Aotearoa, the New Zealand chapter of the Summer Internship for Indigenous Genomics, and Te Ahu o Rehua, a Network for Cross Cultural Ocean Knowledge connecting expertise across the fields of climate change, marine science, ocean health, voyaging and non-instrument navigation. Māui also advocates for Māori rights and interests through Te Mana Raraunga: Māori Data Sovereignty Network and the Global Indigenous Data Alliance. He is a co-founder of ENRICH, a joint initiative between the University of Waikato and New York University, and a co-developer of the Biocultural Labels Initiative.


Māui affiliates to Whakatohea, Ngā Ruahine, and Te Māhurehure.  He is a member of the Whakatōhea Māori Trust Board, a director on Eastern Seafarms Ltd, Whakatohea Fisheries Asset Holding Company and Pakihi Trading Company. He is also a Trustee on Toi Kai Rawa, a trust promoting Māori Economic Development across the Bay of Connections.


Indigenous Rights; Maori; Maori Research; Science

Māori Innovation, Indigenous Data Sovereignty

Papers Taught

TIKA363 - Mana Motuhake: Tribal Regeneration

Recent Publications

  • Ambler, J., Diallo, A. A., Dearden, P. K., Wilcox, P., Hudson, M., & Tiffin, N. (2020). Including Digital Sequence Data in the Nagoya Protocol Can Promote Data Sharing. Trends in Biotechnology. doi:10.1016/j.tibtech.2020.06.009

  • Hudson, M., Mead, A. T. P., Chagne, D., Roskruge, N., Morrison, S., Wilcox, P. L., & Allan, A. C. (2020). Indigenous perspectives on gene editing in Aotearoa New Zealand. In T. Sprink, R. A. Wilhelm, A. Spök, J. Robienski, S. Schleissing, & J. H. Schiemann (Eds.), Plant Genome Editing – Policies and Governance (pp. 226-234). Frontiers Media SA. doi:10.3389/fbioe.2019.00070

  • Hudson, M., Whaanga, H., Waiti, J., Maxwell, H., Davis, K., Arahanga, T., . . . Taitoko, M. (2020). Visualising Mātauranga Māori for Iwi Outcomes. New Zealand Science Review. Special Issue Mātauranga and Science - Part 2, 76(1-2).

  • Kukutai, T., Carroll, S., & Walter, M. (2020). Indigenous data sovereignty. In D. Mamo (Ed.), The Indigenous World 2020 (34 ed., pp. 654-662). Copenhagen, Denmark: IWGIA. Retrieved from Open Access version:

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Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +64 7 838 4028
Cellphone: +64 272061183