Healing Room

Nau mai, haere mai to the Healing Room.  If you are interested in having any of our treatments while you are at NAISA, please contact the individual service provider to arrange. They will also be able to provide you with a quote at this time. While walk-ins are fine, we advise you to make appointments to avoid disappointment.

For most treatments, you will remain fully clothed so tights or loose fitting long pants are appropriate. There are no electronic money facilities in the Healing Room so please ensure you bring cash to your appointment.


Romiromi: a stimulation of the internal organs.

Ro" - the internal organs, 'mi' - to stimulate

We aim to realign, re-calibrate and reconnect the physical with the spiritual and mental wellbeing of an individual.  For those who have never experienced this form of healing - it is a cultural experience.

Let us take you on a journey of healing that will alter your understanding of who you are, where you've come from and where you choose to go from here.

Moana, founder of Moana Maori healing and Manaaki Therapies, will bring her team together to offer 20min sessions of romiromi throughout the conference. Please allow extra time after the session to allow your body to re-calibrate (you may feel spaced out so we need to ensure you are grounded before leaving).

For more information or to make a booking contact [email protected]



Rongoa Tinana, Rongoa Hinengaro.

A gentle healing approach that is non-invasive but a powerful experience that reminds your body of it's own natural ability to restore balance. We place a strong focus on respect, confidentiality and comfort for each individual and aid in empowering you to participate in your own journey of recovery.

As practitioners in training, the Ortho-Bionomy technique proves its effectiveness to alleviate pain and stress, thus allowing the body and mind to relax and work as one. We are both touched with our own beautiful unique culture and for many years have been involved in other healing modalities and bring these different aspects of knowledge to the table. We welcome you to experience this healing journey with us.

For bookings and queries contact:

Hoana Wano - Ngāti Maniapoto, Ngāti Porou, Ngāpuhi

Nadia Jones -Ngāti Ruanui, Ngāti Maniapoto, Ngāti Pāoa, Ngāti Tamatera

Traditional & Holistic Healing


Lomilomi is a Hawaiian healing art that rebalances one's body, mind and spirit through massage, herbal medicines and realignment. This practice originates from Moku o Keawe, the island of Hawai’i.

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing. A pareu or sarong is useful but not essential. It is helpful to be able to remove some clothing to expose the back, arms and legs for treatment. The main consideration though is that you are comfortable and relaxed at all times.


Acupuncture is the most well known aspect of Chinese Medicine. Each of the organs of the body has its own associated channel or pathway of energy. These are often referred to as meridians. Very fine needles are inserted into points along the meridians with the aim of bringing the body to a point of balance and harmony, and there is very little that does not benefit from a course of acupuncture.


A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy in which heated glass cups are applied to the skin creating suction and stimulating the flow of energy in the body to remove stagnation.

For cupping treatments, removal of upper body garments is helpful.

For more information on any of these treatments or to make a booking, contact [email protected]