Tarari! Tarara! Hakirara! Haka! Tikanga!

Researchers: Te Kāhautu Maxwell

Project Summary: Exploring the use of the word, analyse the metaphorical nuances and prophecies by the mid 19th century prophet Te Kooti. To unpack the stories told through his compositions and examine how these were interpreted by his followers who suffered due to the New Zealand land confiscation policies of the time and gave them hope and a will to endure. To collate the oral traditions that are held by high priests and how they interpret the philosophies and the Ringatū doctrine. From this research ascertain whether such discourse is relevant to the modern Māori and if so how does it influence the decision making processes of the Ringatū tribes. The objective is to normalize and integrate the use of the prophecies into the normal day to day spoken language of communication. Te Kooti was a prolific composer; the analysis of this formulaic discourse can be used as a framework to assist in the composition of contemporary poetry by established and emerging composers. This framework can be incorporated in the compilation of new oratory as practiced by the Māori.