Te Ratonga Whakamāori (Translation Service)

"Haere mai ki te marae o Hine-rongo-mauroa!"
Inā hōki ko te "marae o Hine" he wāhi whakatau i
te maungārongo, i te rangimārie - haere mai rā!

Te Ratonga Whakamāori, the FMIS's Translation Service follows this guiding principle: A cultural mediator is a person who has extensive knowledge of Māori and Pākehā systems, moral codes and cultural practices so when translating they are able to convey accurately, subtle linguistic and cultural nuances from one culture to another. In this sense their role is to mediate between cultures.

The demand for Māori translations of English language texts has increased considerably over recent years. Lengthy official documents and school curricula, community newsletters, media reports, internal and external signage, religious treatises, formal and informal works, academic and non-academic essays, have all formed part of the work that Te Ratonga Whakamāori currently undertakes.

In promoting and maintaining a high standard of Māori and English Language usage Te Ratonga Whakamāori provides the following translation/interpretation services from Māori to English and vice versa:

  • Translations of formal and informal, academic and non-academic, written documents
  • Translation quality checking service
  • Interpretations in formal and informal situations

Te Ratonga Whakamāori personnel have as a minimum qualification the Post Graduate Diploma in Interpreting and Translation. The standards and accuracy of the Service's translations/interpretations are quality assured through the experience of a team of Taura Whiri I Te Reo Licensed Interpreters with more than 50 years of translating and interpreting experience.

Contact Te Ratonga Whakamāori

Te Ratonga Whakamāori:
Phone: 07 838 4930
Fax: 07 838 4742