2017 Sir Edmund Hillary Scholars - Māori Performing Arts

Khaysharn Kingi-Takoko - Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Khaysharn Kingi-Takoko

Nau mai haere atu eenei kupu whakamaanawa Ki te maatuatua taangata e raahiri mai ana E ea ai te werawera o rae kuureherehe maa, me heke te werawera o Taane-te-waananga Taatou e oke nei, ki te hoe! Tookihi! I am both humbled and privileged to be a part of the Sir Edmund Hillary movement as we voyage again, but now through the tides of 2017. This year at the University of Waikato I am studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Te Reo Maaori, with various supporting subjects. The unquenchable thirst for excellence lie both in the learning and teaching of Kapa Haka and Te Reo Maaori. The path I have taken would not have been followed through, nor possible without the guidance of my many tutors, teachers, Kura, waananga and family through the years. I am involved with Primary, Secondary and Senior Kapa Haka every year and aspire to perform just as good in the field of education. Following this degree, with the unconditional help of this scholarship, I hope to strengthen my knowledge for Kapa Haka and Te Reo Maaori, to travel and exchange cultures with other aspiring indigenous people and to finally give back to the people who gave unwilling to me. Me taunahua ka oke, me papatoiake ka taea Ko te rite kia rite!

Arapeta Paea - Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Former Rotorua Boys High School student Arapeta Paea has been involved in the arts for 17 years and says one of his favourite things about music is being able to tell stories through song. Arapeta has been involved in regional and national kapa haka competitions at both secondary school and senior levels, school productions, school talent quests, Super 8 competitions, and Pasifika beats both regionally and nationally. His biggest achievement to date was travelling to Shanghai as an ambassador of Māori’s unique culture consecutively. In the future he would like to win a Matatini, the biggest Kapa Haka show in the world, and would one day like to become a secondary school teacher and help change the way people see Māori. He plans to study a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Te Reo Māori and Anthropology.

Ngawai hono i te po Paki - Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Ngawai hono i te po Paki

Ngawai Paki has been performing kapa haka since she was only four years old. With a rich family heritage in kapa haka going back at least 50 years, she is following in the footsteps of her elders. The former Head Girl of Te Wharekura o Rakaumangamanga thrives on competition. Her school kapa haka team won the national secondary school competition Te Kura Wiwini, Te Kura Wawana in 2014 and as kaitātaki wahine (female leader) she came third. This drive is what she hopes will help her to achieve her ultimate goal of being part of a winning team at Te Matatini – New Zealand’s national kapa haka competition – having had a taste in 2013 when she was invited to join her tutors on stage in the senior competition. She’s also attended the 2014 World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education as the student representative. Ngawai is open to what the future holds, as long as sharing the passion she has for her culture is a part of it.


Tutor of a primary School Kapa Haka Champions - 13/11/2015

The "Te Mana Kuratahi Kapa Haka Competition" is a biannual event, 4 days long that was held in Palmerston North this year.
Top primary school kapa haka teams from all regions across New Zealand would gather to compete for the overall aggregate trophy.

I was privilege enough to be one of four tutors who trained a back to back winning Kapa Haka team.

There are 7 disciplines to a kapa haka bracket.

Waiata Tira - 1st place
Whakaeke - 1st place
Moteatea - 1st place
Poi - 1st place
Waiata a Ringa - 1st place
Haka -
Whakawatea - 2nd equal
Te Reo - 2nd place

Overall Trophy- 1st place for the second time in a row

Mataatua Regionals Winners - 17/04/2016

Event name: Mataatua Regionals

Location: Tekau Eka Ruatoki

22 teams took the stage in battle for 6 placings to attend the biannual Te Matatini National Kapa Haka Competition.
It was my first time performing for Ōpōtiki Mai Tawhiti and we where lucky enough to take 1st place in the competition.

Assistant Tuttor of the 3rd place Overall National Secondary School Kapa Haka Competition - 29/07/2016

The  2016 National Secondary School Kapa Haka Competition (Te Haaro o Te Kaahu) was held in Hastings this year Pettigrew Arena.

Te Ao Mihiata Paenga-Morgan : Bachelor of Entrepreneurship/Bachelor of Arts (BEntre/BA)

Te Ao Mihiata Paenga-Morgan

For Te Ao Mihiata, kapa haka is about whānau and culture. Through her whānau she became involved in kapa haka and they continue to inspire her to succeed. Performing kapa haka is not only her passion, it helps keep her connected to her culture. Te Ao Mihiata has been performing kapa haka since she was in primary school and it has helped her to go places. Her team Whāngārā Mai Tawhiti came third in the 2011 national Te Matatini competition and her team Turanga Wahine Turanga Tane came third in the 2012 Secondary Kapa Haka Nationals. She has also won several regional competitions. While being dedicated to her art, Te Ao Mihiata also enjoys Manu Korero, playing netball, and competing in Iron Māori. She plans to study Māori and Psychology at the University of Waikato, and says its high profile Māori school made it an easy choice.


Tamararo 2016 - 23/04/2016

Event Name : Tamararo Regional Competition

Location : Houhoupiko Gisborne

Level : Regional

Whangara-Mai-Tawhiti 1st place

Qualified for Te Matatini Nationa Competition 2017 in Heretaunga

Matamata College - 16/05/2015

Nga Wai and I were fortunate enough to recive a job tutoring at Matamata college. This takes place on friday Afternoons. We were fortunate enough that our time tables allowed us to take this role on.

Te Matatini 2015 - 04/03/2015

Event Name : Te Matatini 2015

Location : Christchurch

National competition for Kapa Haka, 45 teams took the stage over the 5 day competition.

Whangara-Mai-Tawhiti 5th Place

Tika257 - 09/06/2016

Event Name : Tika257 performance

Location : The university of Waikato

University paper, Kapa Haka performance

Tamararo 2015 - 19/09/2015

Event Name : Tamararo Regional Competition

Location : Houhoupiko, Gisborne

Level : Regional

Whangara-Mai-Tawhiti 1st place

Te Matatini 2017 - 26/02/2017

Te Matatini Champions 2017 - Whangara Mai Tawhiti

National kapa haka competition

Hastings 22 – 26 of February