Te Reo Māori: Intermediate 2

REOM212-17B (HAM), 17C (HAM)

20.0 points

This paper builds on the skills acquired in REOM211, developing further language skills required in using Māori to communicate about feelings and emotions the weather. Upon successful completion of this paper students should be able to:

  • Talk about and describe the weather;
  • Describe and express some feelings and emotions;
  • Describe different types of sounds; have an increased vocabulary on idioms and informal speech; and
  • Talk about and describe the landscape.

Prerequisite(s): REOM211

Restriction(s): MAOR110

Assessment ratio: 1:0

When taught: 16C (HAM) weeks 29-32

Required book(s): J.C. Moorfield Te Pihinga (Longman Paul)

Note: This paper is taught in Māori. The required book 'Te Pihinga' is required for students enrolled in 17B (HAM) only.


Teaching Staff

Te Reo Māori: Intermediate 2
Dr Jackie Tuaupiki

Senior Lecturer / Pūkenga Matua