Te Tohu Paetahi 2018

Te Tohu Paetahi, our total immersion Māori language programme, has paved the way for the revitalisation of our ancestral language and 2016 saw the Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Studies celebrating 25 years of the Te Tohu Paetahi programme.

The focus of the programme is to provide students with a unique Māori language immersion pathway in which papers in te reo Māori are concentrated into the first year of their study programme.  The goal is to produce students who can fluently, competently and proficiently speak in te reo Māori.

You will learn in a safe and supportive environment from award winning lecturers.  Your class operates in a culturally rich context beginning and ending each day with karakia and you will be actively encouraged to apply your learnings outside of the classroom.  Marae noho (marae stays), hākinakina (sports) and kapa haka (cultural performance) provide further opportunities to develop not only your reo, but also the whānaungatanga (relationships) with your classmates.

The dynamic make up of the TTP class (from kaumatua to rangatahi, Māori and non-Māori) provides a unique whānau-based programme that past students have described as a "home away from home".  The friendships you make in TTP during your te reo jouney are life long ones.

The programme is made up of six compulsory te reo Māori language acquisition papers (below), which begin at the introductory level moving through to the post-intermediate level. Each paper will be taught in a 4-5 week block period, with the goal that by the second paper english will be phased out completely and the intensive total immersion Māori language teaching and learning environment will begin. Students must successfully pass each paper to move to the next paper.

Students have the option of contributing the first year of Te Tohu Paetahi towards the Bachelor of Arts, a certificate, diploma or graduate diploma . Talk to the Faculty about pursuing any of these options.

Important note:

The first year of the programme is an intensive workload. Classes are held from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday with each day.  In 2018 Te Tohu Paetahi will run from Monday 26 February - Friday 12 October

If you are interested in applying to the programme please contact the Faculty on 07 838 4737 or email Alternatively, apply to enrol here.

2018 Papers, Dates and Fees

Note: New paper codes apply from 2018, and all papers will have a credit point value of 15 points. Fees information is not yet available.

PaperPointsDates Tuition Fee
MAORI111-18C (HAM) 15 Mon 26 Feb - Fri 30 March $750
MAORI112-18C (HAM) 15 Mon 16 April - Fri 11 May $750
MAORI211-18C (HAM) 15 Mon 21 May - Fri 15 June $750
MAORI212-18C (HAM) 15 Mon 2 July - Fri 27 July $750
MAORI213-18C (HAM) 15 Mon 6 Aug - Fri 31 Aug $750
MAORI214-18C (HAM) 15 Mon 17 Sept - Fri 12 Oct $750