How to Apply - International Students

Thank you for choosing to study at the University of Waikato. This section and the Onshore Student Enrolment Guide or the Offshore/online Students Enrolment Guide for our online application tool will guide you through the application process for international students. Check the application and enrolment dates to ensure we receive your application on time to start your study.

  1. Check your eligibility

    You will be accepted into the University of Waikato if you meet the entry requirements and any additional requirements.

    Find out if you are eligible:

    University pathway programmes

    If you do not meet the academic or English language requirements for entry you can find out how to apply for a pathway programme, or if you are ready you can apply directly using the online application form on the University of Waikato College site.

  2. Check tuition fees

    To help you estimate the cost of your study, check out our international tuition fees

    Offshore students studying online - please also refer to online study information.

  3. Choose your programme of study

    Onshore students
    Use our Course Finder to see what we offer.

    Offshore students studying online
    Check out what programmes are available online here.

    Students in China studying at our new 中国学习中心
    Find out more and find out what programmes are available here.

  4. Apply

    If you currently live in Africa or Pakistan, you may need to apply through an authorised agent. This is because of the large number of applications we receive from your region. The service is normally provided free of charge. If you are asked to pay a fee, please contact [email protected] with your details and we will arrange for the fee to be waived.

    If there is no agent listed for your country, please contact the agent nearest to you.

    You do not need to apply through an agent if:

    • You are applying for a Higher Research Degree
    • You currently live in Mauritius or South Africa
    • You are a citizen of an African country or Pakistan but live elsewhere. When applying online, you will need to upload a proof of residency document such as a valid visa or ID card.

    There are several ways to apply:

    • Direct Application
      Once you have decided your programme of study, you can apply online
    • Applying through an agent
      If you think you may need some extra help, one of our approved International Recruitment Agents in your home country can assist with submitting your application.
    • Study Abroad or Exchange
      Short term study, home institution, you may like to Study Abroad or Exchange.
    • Higher Research Degrees
      If you are applying for a Higher research degrees program such as Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Doctor of Education (EdD), Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD), Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) and Masters of Philosophy (MPhil), you should look at the Higher Research Degrees Application Process.
    • Pathway Programmes
      If you do not meet the academic or English language requirements for entry, you may choose to study  pathway programme at the University of Waikato College. You can choose to apply for the Foundation Studies programme in preparation for an undergraduate degree, or you can apply for one of the English language courses, in preparation for the Foundation Studies programme at the University of Waikato College or a degree-level course at the University of Waikato. Find out how to apply or if you are ready apply directly by using the online application form.
      The University of Waikato also welcomes applications from students completing NCUK pathway programmes.
    • Apply for Credit or Recognition of Prior Learning
      If you have previously undertaken tertiary or non-formal education, you may apply for Credit (for formal studies) or Recognition of Prior Learning (for non-formal studies). This recognises your previous studies and can reduce the number of papers required to complete your University of Waikato qualification. You need to apply at least six weeks prior to your first trimester of study.  You can apply for both Credit and RPL through the MyWaikato online application form.  For further information about what you will need for RPL please visit Recognition of Prior Learning.
  5. Scholarships

    You may be eligible for one of our scholarships In most cases you will need to submit a separate application.

    Offshore students are encouraged to read about online programme offerings.

  6. Accept your offer

    Onshore students
    At the University of Waikato, you accept your offer by paying your tuition fees. You can apply for your student visa before you accept your offer and pay your tuition fees. When Immigration New Zealand provides you with a letter that confirms your visa will be approved (known as AIP or ‘Approval in Principle’), you can accept your offer and pay your tuition fees. Once your payment has been received by the University, you will receive an official receipt that you will use to complete your student visa application.

    Offshore students studying online
    Once you accept your offer in our application system, the University will advise you of the papers (units/modules) we think you should take in your first trimester studying with us. There may be some limitations regarding the choice of papers you can take online but every paper you take will count towards your qualification. 

    You can take one paper, or four papers, that choice is yours so you can reduce the number of papers to suit your needs. 

    When you agree to these papers in our system, we will calculate your fees, less any discount. 

    To complete your enrolment online, you must pay your tuition fees. You can pay your fees by credit card or online banking.

  7. Apply for a student visa

    Onshore students
    You will need to be in New Zealand on a valid visa. Most international students apply for an International Student Visa.

    Offshore students studying online
    You do not need a student visa to commence your studies online while you are living outside of New Zealand. However, when you are ready to come to New Zealand to continue your studies face-to-face, you will need to apply for a student visa before travelling.

    You will need to visit the Immigration New Zealand website for information about the application process.

  8. Prepare to come to New Zealand

    When the time comes, to ensure you arrive in New Zealand with everything you need to complete your enrolment, and to settle into your new home, check out our pre-departure info.

  9. Enrol

    Onshore students
    To officially enrol at the University, you will need to show your student visa and any other required documentation when you arrive on campus, including evidence of medical and travel insurances, or purchase the University's insurance policy. Make sure you download and view our handy pre-arrival guide.

    Offshore students studying online
    You will be successfully enrolled after accepting your offer in MyWaikato, choosing your papers and paying your fees.

    For more information, please refer to our How to Enrol page.


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