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The study and practice of law is exciting, challenging and extremely rewarding. This website will provide you with detailed information about the Waikato law programmes, career opportunities for graduates and the excellent facilities and extensive resources offered to students. Learn more about Te Piringa - Faculty of Law.

Law News & Events

How antiquated legal language undermines complainants in cases of sexual assault 12 Feb 2019

Dr Brenda Midson examines one of New Zealand’s most notorious sexual misconduct cases.

Who should govern Mars? 4 Feb 2019

Dr Anna Marie Brennan looks at whether Elon Musk could rule a new world.

Dancing her way to Nepal 29 Jan 2019

Kaylee Bird is swapping New Zealand summer for a trek up the Himalayas as she and three other Step Higher Award recipients head to Nepal next month.

How a default union membership could help reduce income inequality 23 Jan 2019

Researchers argue that making union membership the default option would help reduce inequality while protecting workers’ rights to opt out

Success Stories

Shaymaa Arif, conjoint degree in Law and Social Sciences (BSocSc/LLB)

Te Piringa - Faculty of Law student Shaymaa Arif won first prize in a national essay competition run by the New Zealand Red Cross / International Committee of the Red Cross.

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