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Should a COVID-19 vaccine be compulsory - and what would this mean for anti-vaxxers? 7 Aug 2020

With COVID-19 vaccine developers reporting promising results, it is probable we will one day face a major public health question: can the government compel New Zealanders to be vaccinated?

Operation Burnham: the New Zealand military's self-inflicted wounds will not heal by themselves 3 Aug 2020

The old maxim that truth is the first casualty of war has been borne out by the damning Report of the Government Inquiry into Operation Burnham.

The dangerous new cold war brewing with China will test New Zealand even more than the old one 22 Jul 2020

A new cold war with China is coming and it will be just as dangerous, expensive and pointless as the last one.

There is no legal right to free quarantine — but there is a fair way to set the price 21 Jul 2020

Welcome home – now here’s your invoice.

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Saska Hayes, Master of Laws (LLM)

New Zealand’s refugee quota policies are falling short, according to Saska Hayes, who has just graduated with her Master of Laws.

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