Dr Alberto Alvarez-Jimenez

Senior Lecturer (Law)

Qualifications: PhD University of Ottawa, LLM McGill University, LLB (summa cum laude) La Sabana University.

About Me

Acquiring a strong legal education often requires the nurturing of other interests. In my case: art, architecture, music, and literature.

The novels that I have read in the last few months are The Odyssey (Homer), Crime and Punishment (F. Dostoyevsky), The Loss of El Dorado (V.S. Naipaul), El Libro de los Suenos (The Book of Dreams) (J.L. Borges), Gifts (Nurudinn Farah), Mara and Dann (D. Lessing), The Golden Notebook (D. Lessing), Season of Anomy (W. Soyinka), Small Island (A. Levy), God Dies by the Nile (Nawal El Saadawi), The God of Small Things (Arundhati Roy), and Cien Anos de Soledad (One Hundred Years of Solitude) (G. Garcia Marquez).

Papers I Teach

Research Interests

My research agenda concentrates on public international law, international trade law, and foreign investment law. I have published more than 30 articles in prominent peer-reviewed journals. Among them are the American Journal of International Law (AJIL Unbound), the European Journal of International Law, the Journal of International Economic Law, the International and Comparative Law Quarterly, and the World Trade Review.

My scholarship is multidisciplinary and includes economics, political science and history. I also explore the intersections between art and international law. My most recent publication of this kind is a two-part article that uses fiction, contemporary classical music, and photography to strengthen an international humanitarian law argument. The article appears in the current issue of the Waikato Law Review (2019).

I often present my research at events organized by the American Society of International Law, the European Society of International Law, the Society of International Economic Law, the Asian Society of International Law, and the Australian and New Zealand Society of International Law.

I am working on two projects related to the pandemic:

"Covid-19 and the Protection of Foreign Investment" (under peer-review); and

"Covid-19 and the State of Necessity in Customary International Law". (under peer-review)

Current Research Projects

    1. "International Investment Law, Time, and Economics: Fixing the Length of Economic Crises as a Costs-Allocation Tool between Host States and Foreign Investors", World Trade Review (Cambridge University Press,  2020).

    2. "Tobacco Control Measures and International Investment Law after Philip Morris v Australia and Philip Morris v Uruguay", American Review of International Arbitration (Columbia Law School, 2019).

    3. "Letters to the Security Council by Two Prisoners of War, Israel and Palestine (I)". Waikato Law Review (2019).

    4. "Protracted Armed Conflicts, Invisible Civilian Suffering, and International Law (II)". Waikato Law Review (2019).

    5. "The Enforcement of Domestic Law in International Adjudication". (forthcoming)


Dispute Resolution; Human Rights; International Trade; Terrorism

International Investment Law, International Dispute Settlement, Public International Law, Law & Economics.

Recent Publications

  • Alvarez-Jimenez, A. (2020). The international law gaze: the security exception in international trade law. New Zealand Law Journal, 2, 75-79.

  • Alvarez-Jimenez, A. (2019). International Investment Law, Time, and Economics: Fixing the length of economic crises as a costs-allocation tool between host states and foreign investors. World Trade Review, 18 pages. doi:10.1017/S1474745618000381

  • Alvarez-Jimenez, A. (2019). The international law gaze: the ICJ strikes at colonialism. New Zealand Law Journal, 254-259.

  • Alvarez-Jimenez, A. (2019). The international law gaze: subsequent agreements and subsequent practice in the interpretation of international treaties. New Zealand Law Journal, 2(March), 69-73. Open Access version:

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Room: G.12. N. Block.
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