Professor Alexander Gillespie

LLB LLM(Hons) Auckland PhD Nottingham

Professor Alexander Gillespie Professor Alexander Gillespie obtained his LLB and LLM degrees with Honours from The University of Auckland. He

did his PhD at Nottingham and post-doctoral studies at Colombia University in New York City. His areas of scholarship pertain to international and comparative environmental law; the laws of war; civil liberties; and a number of pressing issues of social concern.

Alexander has published sixteen books. The latest works have been Waste Policy: International Regulation, Comparative and Contextual Perspectives. (Edward Elgar, London, 2015); International Environmental Law, Policy and Ethics. (OUP, Second edition, 2015); and the Causes of War: Volume II (1000-1400) and Volume III (1400-1650), both published by Bloomsbury, NYC, 2017. The Long Road to Sustainability, published by Oxford University Press, Oxford, late 2017, is his most recent work.  He has also written over forty  academic articles.

Alexander has been awarded a Rotary International Scholarship, a Fulbright Fellowship, a residency at the Rockerfeller Bellagio Centre in Italy, and  the New Zealand Law Foundation International Research Fellowship. His most recent award was from the Franqcui Foundation in Belgium, with which he held  a professorship at Ghent University for six months during 2018/2019. Alexander  has also been the lawyer/expert on a number of international delegations and advised the New Zealand government on multiple matters of international concern. Professor Gillespie  was the first New Zealander to be named Rapporteur for the World Heritage Convention, involving international environmental diplomacy under the auspice of UNESCO.  Alexander has also been engaged in policy formation for the United Nations, the Commonwealth Secretariat, and governmental, commercial and non-governmental organisations in New Zealand, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Switzerland. He has also made a number of  appearances before the Waitangi Tribunal and Select Committees of the New Zealand Parliament.

Books Available

Below are some of Professor Alexander Gillespie's books that have been published.  Click on the image or the book title to get the book description and some reviews. These books can be purchased from Amazon.

The Long Road to Sustainability

History of the Laws of War: Vol 01

History of the Laws of War: Vol 02

History of the Laws of War: Vol 03

The Illusion of Progress

The Causes of War: Vol 01 

The Causes of War: Vol 02

The Causes of War: Vol 03

Protected Areas and
International Environmental Law

International, Environmental Law,
Policy, & Ethics

Conservation, Biodiversity
and International Law
Whaling Diplomacy
Whaling Diplomacy 

Waste Policy
The Future of Cetaceans in a Changing World cover
The Future of Cetaceans in a Changing World.

Climate Change in the South Pacific
Climate Change in the South Pacific:

Burning Issues

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