The Illusion of Progress

The Illusion of Progress:

Unsustainable Development in International Law and Policy.

Is 'sustainable development' a charade sold to an increasingly misled public? This book presents a wide-ranging, penetrating critique of sustainability and what it actually means. The author argues that despite the rhetoric of socially and environmentally sustainable development and the ever-increasing number of legislative environmental policies, the real issues such as consumption, population growth and equity are either sidestepped or manipulated in international policy and law. Analyzing the main areas of concern - economic growth, market structure, trade, aid, debt, security and sovereignty - he shows that the entire development structure and the underpinnings of the debate are leading down quite a different path to that intended by sustainability.


'Well-written and concise.'
Aslib Book Guide.

The (UK) Journal of Environmental Law reviewed the book as: "powerful arguments against the logic of the existing situation... the [book] is a challenging and thought provoking work that makes us consider the direction that the international community is headed... notwithstanding the difficult issues dealt with, is accessible and extremely clear and well written, it is thoroughly enjoyable and well worth reading."

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