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BA Colgate USA JD University of San Diego

Kate Diesfeld

Kate Diesfeld was a Court Investigator for the Probate Court for the State of Alaska before obtaining her Juris Doctorate from the University of San Diego. At Protection and Advocacy, Inc. in Los Angeles, she represented people with developmental disabilities as a staff attorney. She was a legal academic and the Legal Supervisor of the Kent Law Clinic (Mental Health and Learning Disability) at Kent Law School in Canterbury, England. Also, she represented patients before the Mental Health Review Tribunal.

In New Zealand, she was Director of the National Centre for Health Law and Ethics at AUT University. With Philip Patston, she co-chaired Auckland Disability Law, a community law centre devoted to people with disabilities. Her role at Te Piringa - Faculty of Law is Adjunct Professor. Her research interests include disability and medical law, legal education for non-lawyers and professional regulation.

Kate is the legal member of the Waikato Clinical Ethics Advisory Committee and Associate Professor at AUT University’s Faculty of Health.

Recent Publications

Refereed Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

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Research Grants

Mirfin-Veatch, Diesfeld, K., Henaghan, M. "People with Intellectual Disability in the New Zealand Legal System: A Consultation Project". New Zealand Law Foundation, 2011.

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