Law student awarded top Danish scholarship

12 August 2015

Waikato University's Sam Lusk has been granted a $62,000 Danish government scholarship to complete a Master in Law at Copenhagen University in Denmark.

The honours student has lived in Denmark before on a student exchange and he can't wait to go back.

"Denmark is a wonderful place to live. It's one of the happiest countries in the world and you certainly notice this in day-to-day life," says Sam.

The scholarship is awarded to international students who display academic excellence and covers all tuition fees for 22 months and a monthly allowance.

Sam was also awarded a Jonas Thomsen Sekyere Scholarship to live at Regensen College.

"Founded in the 1623, Regensen is one of the oldest residential colleges for students studying at the University of Copenhagen and it's right in the city centre," he says.

Sam is no stranger to overseas travel, having previously lived in the Guatemala's western highlands with indigenous Tz'utujil people to learn Spanish. He says it's one of the most peaceful and naturally beautiful parts of the world.

Originally from Auckland, Sam admits the life and culture we have in New Zealand is great and that he'll likely return home.

"I want to contribute to New Zealand in my future career and my family is here so I'm sure I'll feel a pull to come home."

Sam is thankful for the support he's received from the Faculty of Law and staff at Waikato University.

"The Faculty provides a rigorous yet supportive academic environment that goes further than simply fulfilling the traditional essentials of a law degree. The staff work really hard to promote a strong community culture."

Sam hopes other young people can find their passions in law but admits it takes hard work and dedication.

"Law can be a struggle. Setting short term goals helped get me through without feeling too overwhelmed by the workload. A lot of it comes down to trial and error, sometimes we fail but this can be used to our advantage."