Faculty welcomes new academic Sean Goltz

1 September 2016

Sean Goltz has joined Te Piringa - Faculty of Law from York University in Toronto. He is keen to explore cross-Faculty collaborations in teaching and research.

His current research focus is virtual environments and gaming with a particular emphasis on children’s rights and privacy. He is also interested in the areas of machine learning and big data.

Sean believes in developing technology-driven legal tools and employing legal entrepreneurship to regulate the harmful effects of technology (especially for children) on one hand, and harness technology for the benefit of the law, on the other hand.

In his future research Sean is hoping to employ legal entrepreneurship in order to develop tools that will facilitate the understanding and implementation of the law and its application to new technologies.

For example, an online privacy game for teens could be developed to help them understand what privacy is and how privacy laws work, to enhance their protection, he said.

“New technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence are the new frontiers we need to consider in this context.” ​

Sean completed his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws and technology at the University of Haifa, Israel. He will be teaching across the core Bachelor of Laws curriculum but also in the Faculty's specialist Cyber and New Technology papers.