From principle to practice:

Doing our bit for refugees in a time of politicised migration

A Public Presentation by Murdoch Stephens

DATE: 9 August 2017

TIME: 11:00am -12:00pm



Murdoch Stephens started the Doing Our Bit campaign to double New Zealand’s refugee quota in June 2013. Stephens will speak to two of his recent and forthcoming publications on refugees, resettlement and campaigning. First, speaking to a chapter in the forthcoming in the edited collection Fair Borders? (ed. David Hall, Bridget Williams Books) he will discuss the projection of refugees as a ‘burden without end’ on the hosting country, untangling some of the psychological determinants that will always see refugees as a cost.

Second, he will revisit an article in Forced Migration Review on the democratic institutions relevant for social change in his campaigning. This second section will double as a potted history of a movement of the campaign from the radical fringes to a mainstream position where it has been embraced by a wide array of people and institutions. Ultimately, Stephens wants to ask whether those who oppose increasing the quota do so in opposition to the principle of doing our fair share, or whether there are issues of capacity that require innovative thinking and solutions.