Research at Te Piringa Faculty of Law

Our innovative, distinctive and impactful research is nationally and internationally recognised as making a distinctive, ground-breaking and influential contribution within and beyond the discipline of law. We are committed to contributing, through the excellence of our research and policy work, to critical exploration of the role of law in promoting the understanding of law in the international, national and bicultural contexts.

Te Piringa Faculty of Law is at the forefront of doctrinal, theoretical and interdisciplinary debates where our contributions have made a significant impact. We take as the inspiration for our legal investigations core values such as equality and citizenship, participation and exclusion, vulnerability and social responsibility – whilst also reflecting upon how such values are themselves constructed and critiqued.

Our vibrant community comprises a diverse and international group of academics, undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as visiting scholars. Te Piringa Faculty of Law is an inclusive environment supporting established scholars alongside nurturing new generations of thought leaders.

Our Faculty hosts three Research Clusters, which are crucial in supporting the building of external partnerships, providing a platform for knowledge exchange, and coordinating timely responses to current legal and policy developments:

  • Centre for Maori and Indigenous Governance
  • Centre for Environmental Resources and Energy Law
  • Waikato Public Law and Policy Research Unit

The Research Convenor is Dr Anna Marie Brennan ([email protected])