Te Piringa Faculty of Law: Research

Te Piringa Faculty of Law’s diverse and energetic research community undertakes research that leads to real change in law, legal practice, legal education, public policy and ideas.

While we undertake research across a wide range of legal fields spanning the international and national spheres — our cutting-edge research aims to push the boundaries of our three founding pillars: biculturalism, legal professionalism, and the study of law in context.

The Faculty’s research is inter-disciplinary, doctrinal and theoretical, and makes a significant and lasting contribution to the understanding and development of law internationally and nationally.

The impact of our research can be seen not only through its distribution in conventional academic fora, but also by its contributions to law reform, case law and legislation, public policy, legal practice and legal education.

Dr Anna Marie Brennan
Convenor of Research
Te Piringa Faculty of Law 
University of Waikato