Graduate student research

Current research by graduate students

Magnus Abraham-Dukuma
“The role of law in climate change mitigation in oil and gas production”
(PhD, Barton, Drage).

Luiza Brabo-Catala
“Critically assessing fuel poverty in New Zealand for strategising its eradication”
(PhD, Eva Collins, Barton).

Sam Campbell
“Freshwater governance: Ontological foundations, current frameworks, future directions”
(PhD, Gillespie, Daya-Winterbottom).

Season-Mary Downs
“Nga Taumata o te Moana - Reconciling the Ownership and Governance of the Takutai Moana”
(PhD, Morse, Te Aho).

Qaraman Hasan
“Freshwater Management: Equitable utilization and minimization of environmental harm in the case of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers under international environmental law”
(PhD, Daya-Winterbottom).

Jennifer Holman
“Building resilient climate laws”
(PhD, Barton, Cooper).

Kemi Hughes
“Post Paris 2015 Climate Change Agreement: Assessing the Effectiveness of the United Nations Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Programme so far in promoting climate justice and sustainable development”
(PhD, Daya-Winterbottom).

Saeed Nair
“Climate Change Negotiations and Third World Countries (past, present and future)’”
(PhD, Gillespie, Daya-Winterbottom).

Phoebe Parson
“Information requirements in natural resources law”
(PhD, Barton, Toki).

Willow Jean Prime
“Local Government and Maori in Te Tai Tokerau”
(PhD, Morse).

Completed research by former graduate students

Marie Brown
“Biodiversity offsets in NZ – Scientific, legal and planning issues”
(PhD, Barton).

Steven Farnworth
“Civil Liability for Marine Pollution from Offshore Drilling in New Zealand”
(PhD, Barton).

Lisa Marquardt
“A comparative case study of the legal and institutional regimes of Germany and NZ with particular reference to seaports and aquaculture”
(PhD, Barton).

Saeed Nair
“Climate Change Negotiations and Third World Countries (past, present and future)”
(PhD, Gillespie, Daya-Winterbottom).

Durgeshree Devi Raman
“Water Security: Pre-emptive Solutions for anticipated international disputes over freshwater in the 21st Century”
(PhD, Gillespie, Daya-Winterbottom).

Jagdeep Singh-Ladhar
“What are the Characteristics of Successful System of Water Management in NZ? A comparison with Australian water management regulations”
(PhD, Barton).

Pip Wallace
“Protecting a Moving Target: An assessment of conservation measures used to Protect Avian Fauna in NZ”
(PhD Gillespie, Barton).

Michael Walmsley
“Would a water market scheme similar to that in some western United States jurisdiction alleviate NZ’s vexed water allocation system”
(PhD, Barton).

Daniela Aguilar Abaunza
“The law for the emerging active role of electricity consumers”
(PhD, Barton, Alvarez-Jiminez).

Linda Schumacher
“Coastal adaptation to rising sea levels in the law of Germany and New Zealand”
(PhD, Bremen University as part of the Intercoast program, Gerd Winter, Barton).