Law papers in the field

The Faculty offers a broad array of environmental and resource law courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels - see below. The Faculty is developing a Centre for Environmental, Resources and Energy Law. The Faculty is interested in attracting students (undergraduate, LLM or PhD) with an interest in the field. It also welcomes the interest of academics elsewhere in research visits or in the teaching of short intensive courses.

Undergraduate Study

The Faculty offers a strong array of Bachelor of Laws (LLB) papers (courses) directly in the environmental, natural resource and energy law fields, along with many other papers focusing upon international, trade and Indigenous legal issues that also intersect with these topics:

  • Environmental Law
  • International Environmental Law
  • Energy and Resources Law
  • Water Law

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LLM / Postgraduate Study

At the Master of Laws (LLM) level, it offers the following courses directly in this sector:

  • Energy and Resource Management Law
  • Environmental Regulation and Reform
  • International Environmental Law
  • Maori Resource Law and Development Issues

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Doctoral Study

Within the the Faculty focus in the field are a number of PhD researchers, whose work includes:

  • Water Security: Pre-emptive Solutions for Anticipated International Disputes over Freshwater in the 21st Century.
  • Protecting a Moving Target: An Assessment of Conservation Measures used to Protect Avian Fauna in New Zealand.
  • Climate Change Negotiations and Third World Countries (past, present and future).
  • Would a water market scheme similar to that in some western United States jurisdictions alleviate New Zealand's vexed water allocation system?
  • What are the Characteristics of a Successful System of Water Management in New Zealand? A Comparison with Australian Water Management Regulations.
  • A Comparative Case Study of the Legal and Institutional Regimes of Germany and New Zealand with Particular Reference to Seaports and Aquaculture.
  • International Law and Tuna Fisheries Management.
  • Law for Energy, Minerals and Carbon Sequestration Operations in Coastal and Marine Areas.