When you take a conjoint degree the requirements allow you to complete the two degrees in a shorter period of time than would ordinarily be possible. To complete the BMS as a conjoint degree, you must pass all the compulsory papers for the BMS degree, the requirements for a fi rst major, and gain a minimum of 360 points. At least 270 points must be above 100 level including 150 points above 200 level, and 60 points above 300 level. You must also pass a Computer Competency Module (CCM) (run by the Waikato Management School Information Technology team, or pass a Management Student Centre (MSC) approved computer paper) and a Writing Competency Module (WCM). If a pass is not attained in WCM in the first semester of study, then you will be required to take a writing paper and pass the module by the end of your second semester. Towards the end of your degree you will also be required to take an Employment Skills Module (ESM) that will help you develop self awareness, practice interview techniques, and prepare for obtaining a job.

You must enrol in at least one paper for each degree per year unless the requirements of one of the component degrees have already been completed. The information regarding admission, paper requirements, and major requirements stated under the BMS regulations are also applicable for the conjoint BMS regulations.

If you wish to take the BMS/LLB conjoint then the core paper MNGT221 requirement is met by passing LAWS204 and is therefore replaced by an additional elective paper at 200 level or above.

  • This template is intended as a model only. The order in which papers are taken can be adapted to suit students' individual requirements.
  • To satisfy Council of Legal Education requirements, students wishing to proceed to the Professional Legal Studies Programme and admission as a Barrister and Solicitor, must complete a Level 4 paper in Legal Ethics (15 points).
  • Students with an Accountancy Major (CA Track) will have additional requirements, including LEGAL305 as a compulsory paper. Please refer to the WMS website.
  • If planning to enrol in this conjoint degree, first obtain approval for your Management programme from the Waikato Management School, then meet with the Law Faculty administrators.

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