Undergraduate Law Paper Offerings

Law papers are only available to students enrolled in a qualification administered by Te Piringa - Faculty of Law. The Law programme for the LLB is structured as follows:

Law 1

The purpose of this programme is to give students an introduction to the structure of the legal system, the skills of legal reasoning, writing and research, and the relationship between culture and the law and legal system. The materials used in the papers will reflect the relationship between the law and legal system and the social, economic and political systems in a bicultural context.

Law 2

The purpose of the Law 2 programme is to introduce students to the theories of law, the nature of the constitutional framework, the nature of the relationship between the state, administrative agencies of the state and the individual, and the principles of the Law of Contracts.

Law 3

The purpose of this programme is to give students an introduction to the principles of the main areas of private law. Students will also be introduced to alternative forms of resolving disputes. This programme is intended to prepare students to undertake the study of specialised areas of law in Law 4.

Law 4

Law 4 provides students with the opportunity to select papers of interest from different areas of the law or to specialise in a particular field. Students are advised to discuss their choice of papers with their academic adviser. Papers will be offered subject to demand and staff availability.