Library Fines, Fees and Charges

How to pay

Library fines may be paid at the Hamilton Library Service Desk or by

Paying fines and fees to Waikato Library

University of Waikato (payee) bank account number: 12-3122-0084728-00

Please include the following in the payee detail fields:

  • Particulars: Lib fine
  • Reference: student ID number
  • Code: Surname & first initial (e.g. Bloggs M)

Please advise the Library by email to [email protected] when payment is made so that your record can be adjusted.

If you have any questions, email [email protected] or call General Enquiries on +647 838-4051.

Fines for overdue items

An overdue recalled item is the most likely reason you might receive a fine. Below is a breakdown of fines for overdue items:

Overdue short term loans and recalled items $3.00 per day
Overdue High Demand items $2.00 per hour or part thereof

The maximum fine charged for an overdue recalled item will be $30.00.

If you have fines they will be detailed on My Account in the "Fine + fees" section.

Approved Borrower Fees

Alumni of the University of Waikato Free
All other Approved Borrowers

See also Library Membership.

Costs for lost or damaged items

If the item you have borrowed is either lost or damaged whilst issued under your name, you will receive an invoice totalling the cost of replacing or repairing the item.

Below is a breakdown of costs for lost or damaged items:

For non-returned, lost or damaged material (additional to the cost of replacement or repair)
Replacement charge for lost or damaged Approved Borrower's card
Replacement charge for a barcode removed from a Library book

Invoices for these items will be sent by email. If you are a staff member, the invoice will be sent to your department.

For a full description of the Library Fees and Charges please see the University of Waikato Calendar.

Withheld borrowing for unpaid fines

Borrowing facilities will be withheld from students and Approved Borrowers whose fines at any time exceed $10.00, and from staff whose fines exceed $50.00.