Issuing and Returning Items

Issuing items

You will need:

  1. Your student ID card (this is your Library card)
  2. The items you want to borrow

You can use the self-issue machines (preferred) or take your items to the Enquiries Desk to get them issued in the main Hamilton Campus Library or at the Teaching Resources Library. In Tauranga, please ask a Library staff member to issue the book.

There are several self-issue machines in the Student Centre and one in the Teaching Resources Collection Library. These machines allow users to issue and renew their own books. Unfortunately, these machines are not set up to issue audiovisual material or very large books. Please take such items to the Enquiries Desk to be issued or renewed.

You can have books issued at the Enquiries Desk any time after the Library opens until 15 minutes before closing time. Self-issue machines can be used until 5 minutes before closing.

NOTE: You can only borrow items with your own ID card. During the loan period, the borrowed items should not be loaned to anyone else other than the borrower.

What if...

I don't have my ID card

If you are unable to present your ID card, items will not be issued to you. Please remember that reciting your ID number is not an acceptable alternative to presenting your ID card.

If you lose your ID card report it to the Library Collections Team immediately.

I have a High Demand item

Issuing a High Demand item is much the same as a normal item, but you are subject to tighter restrictions. Fines accrue immediately once the item is overdue, so be sure to return the item before the time specified on the receipt. See The High Demand Collection.

I want to make copies

Any copies made must comply with copyright licence.

The item is lost or damaged

If the item you have borrowed is either lost or damaged whilst issued under your name, you will receive an invoice totalling the cost of replacing or repairing the item. See Library Fines, Fees and Charges for costs.

Returning items

In Hamilton, books can be returned to the After Hours slot at the end of the Student Centre Foyer, near the Lift. Teaching Resources Library books can also be returned to the Central Library and vice versa. In Tauranga, books can be returned to the After Hours bin in TCBD.1.03.

Note: Only those with after-hours swipe card access to the Student Centre Foyer can return books to the Hamilton Campus after hours.