Library Notices

What's a Library notice?

Library notices are sent for the following reasons:

Courtesy notice
sent 3 days before items which were issued for more than 14 days are due to be returned or renewed.
Date due notice
sent on the day the item is due.
Overdue notice
sent 7 days following the due date of any item which has not been returned. A second overdue notice is sent 30 days later. (At this time you may be invoiced for the overdue item).
Recall notice
sent when an item is required by another borrower. It is important to note the new due date on the notice as fines of $3.00 per day are charged if the item is not returned on or before that date.
Recall overdue notice
sent the day after a recalled item was due. Overdue fines for that day and any subsequent days that the item remains overdue, will be charged.
Item Available notice
sent to inform you that items you have requested are available to be picked up. Note these items are held for collection by you for 3 days

Receiving Library Notices

Library notices are sent by email or text. Please ensure you check your email account every couple of days if you borrow material from the Library so that recalled or overdue material is returned promptly to avoid fines.