A range of formats are collected and shelved within the general and focussed collections. The location information is available through Library Search and will tell you where to find specific items in our libraries.

On this page:

Archives and Manuscripts

Amongst our small collection of archives we hold:

  • Pei te Hurinui Jones papers
  • The Selwyn Collection of early Māori documents, which are a collection of 210 letters to Bishop Selwyn, dated from 23 February 1842 to August 1872. An author index has been compiled, as well as a chronological listing of the documents.
  • Rosemary Seymour Collection
  • Wattie Whittlestone papers

Some of these items have been digitised and can be found in O Neherā. For a list of items in the collection see Archives and Manuscripts. You can request these at any service counter or fill in Archives and Manuscripts Request Form.

CD Collection

The Music CDs are kept in bins on Level 3 of the Hamilton Campus Library and in the Teaching Resources Library. They need to be issued at the Library Service Desk. Headphones are also available from the Library Service Desk.

DVD Collection

A collection of DVD feature films is available on Level 3 of the Hamilton Campus Library.

Digital Collections

Material in the Digital Collections has been digitised by the University of Waikato Library. These are available on O Neherā.

English Language Readers

A collection of graded English Language Readers is available on Level 3 in the Hamilton Campus Library.

General Books and Journals

General books and journals are found on Level 3 in the Hamilton Campus Library. All E-resources can be discovered through Library Search.

High Demand

There is a selection of high demand items in both the Hamilton Campus and Tauranga Campus Libraries. These items have been identified as required texts and have a 2-hour loan period to enable more students to access them.

Law Collection

The University of Waikato Law Collection supports teaching and research in the Faculty of Law. Its collections are available to the campus community and are located on Level 4 in the Hamilton Campus Library.

Māori Land Court Minute Books

The Māori Land Court Minute Books are a valuable source of information on Māori land, whakapapa and iwi histories and are located on Level 4 in the Hamilton Campus Library. See Māori Land Court Minute Books.

Map Collection

The Map Collection is located on Level 4 in the Hamilton Campus Library. See Map Collection for further details.


Mātangireia is a collection and associated spaces and services underpinned by Kaupapa Māori values. Mātangireia is a holistic approach to support the research, teaching and learning needs of all users who will benefit from an inclusive environment that celebrates mana whenua, cultural heritage, traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions. Mātangireia is located on Level 4 in the Hamilton Campus Library.

For more information, see Mātangireia.

Mātangireia - Pacific

Mātangireia Pacific is located on Level 4 in the Hamilton Campus Library.

Michael King Collection

We hold a selection of Michael King’s personal books which were donated by his family. This collection is located on Level 4 in the Hamilton Campus Library and can only be used in the Library.


Microfilm and microfiche are located on Level 4 of the Hamilton Campus Library. There is a microform reader/printer available near the collection. Please Contact Us for more information.

Easy Print Guide: Instructions for using the ST ViewScan Microform Reader/Scanner.

New Book and Journals

New and recently recieved items are displayed on the New Books & Journals list.

Outsize Books

Outsize books are held in a separate sequence on Level 3 in the Hamilton Campus Library.

Raupatu Document Bank

Prepared by the Waitangi Tribunal, the Document Bank consists of copies of documents held by the National Archives of New Zealand relating to land claims in New Zealand from the 1870s to 1960s, together with statutes relating to confiscated land.

Recreational Reading Collection

This small collection of fiction provides some light relief from study. It is located on Level 3 of the Hamilton Campus Library.

Rare Books Collection

We have a temperature controlled Rare Books Room which contains a selection of New Zealand books published up to 1900, second copies of books published 1901-1945, handprinted or handmade New Zealand poetry and some other valuable or rare books. These are discoverable through Library Search and can be requested from the Library Service Desk. These items are to be used in the Library only.

Resources Held in Storage

The Library has a closed-access area where we keep lesser-used material. All the items are listed in and can be requested from Library Search. Retrieval time varies, but is usually within 48 hours. Storage items include older runs of journals or sets, superseded editions of textbooks, duplicate copies of books, and material which is no longer current but may be of historical interest.


The Tauranga Campus houses a small, high-demand collection of books which is needed to support Tauranga classes. All borrowable material located in the Hamilton Campus Libraries is available to be requested and all electronic books are accessible using Library Search.

For more information see Library for Tauranga.

Teaching Resources

The Teaching Resources Library Collections contains books and other resources to assist in preparation and planning for teaching and for use in schools and early childhood centres during teaching practice.

See Teaching Resources Library for more information about the location, hours and available facilities.