Law Library Collections

The University of Waikato Law Library supports teaching and research in the Faculty of Law. Its collections are available to the campus community.

Material Collected

Materials collected include primary such as statutes, case law, constitutions and treaties, and secondary such as commentaries, textbooks, monographs, serials and current awareness services. The collection includes databases. Selection of resources for this collection is governed by the Law Collection Policy.

Major Jurisdictions

The major jurisdictions which the Law Library collects in are:

  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • England
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Pacific Island States (where possible)

Maori & Indigenous Law

The Law Library collects all available material on Maori and indigenous law, to reflect the Faculty's academic and research strengths.


The Law Library is on Level 4 of the Student Centre.

Collection Arrangement

The Law Library collection is arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification system, which classifies law materials by jurisdiction, with some separation by subject and by form.

Need more info?

For more information about the Law Collections or for help using them, contact the Law Library Team.