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1992 - 1996 Film Index - E

Eat drink man woman
Guardian weekly, v.152no.4(Jan.22 1995)
Listener, v.148no.2868(Apr.8 1995)
New statesman & society, 20 Jan., 1995
North and south, no.110(May 1995)
Quote, unquote, no.22(Apr.1995)
Sunday star times, Apr.16, 1995
Time, v.144,no.10(Sept.5, 1994)
Sight and sound, v.5, issue 7(July 1995)
Ed Wood
Bulletin, v.116no.5977(July 4 1995)
Entertainment weekly, no.242(Sept.30 1994)
Listener, v.149no.2877(June 10 1995)
Nation, v.259no.12(Oct.17 1994)
New musical express, 20 May, 1995
New Zealand herald, June 2, 1995
Sight and sound, v.5,issue 5(May 1995)
Sunday star-times, June 4, 1995
TLS, no.4810(June 9 1995)
Edward II
New Zealand herald, Feb.12 1993
8 seconds
Sight and sound, v.4, issue 11(Nov.1994)
Eighth day, The
Bulletin, v.116no.6077(June 24 1997)
Sight and sound, v.6, issue 11(Nov.1996)
Time, 1996no.23(4 May)
Electric moon
Sight and sound, v.2, issue 8(Dec.1992)
Sight and sound, v.2, issue 8(Dec.1992)
Sight and sound, v.5, issue 12(Dec.1996)
Bulletin, v.116no.6047(Nov.19 1996)
Entertainment weekly, no.339(Aug.9 1996)
Guardian weekly, v.155no.12(Sept.22 1996)
Listener, v.157no.2966(Mar.8 1997)
National review, v.48no.19(Oct.14 1996)
New republic, issue 4257/8(Aug.19/26 1996)
New statesman, v.9no.420(13 Sept.1996)
New Yorker, Aug.5, 1996
North and south, no.133(April 1997)
Rolling stone, issue 741(Aug.22 1996)
Sight and sound, v.6, issue 9(Sept.1996)
Spectator, v.277no.8774(14 Sept.1996)
Empire records
Sight and sound, v.6, issue 7(July 1996)
Enchanted April
Entertainment weekly, no.132(Aug.21 1992)
Listener, v.138no.2771(May 15 1993)
New republic, v.207,no.13(Sept.21 1992)
New Yorker, v.68no.25(Aug.10 1992)
Sight and sound, v.1, issue 10(Feb.1992)
Sunday times, May 2, 1993
End of the golden weather, The
Listener, v.133no.2712(Mar.23 1992)
Sight and sound, v.3, issue 2(Feb.1993)
Guardian weekly, v.151no.18(Oct.30 1994)
New statesman & society, 21 Oct., 1994
Sight and sound, v.4, issue 11(Nov.1994)
TLS, no.4777(Oct.21 1994)
English patient, The
Entertainment weekly, no.354(Nov.22 1996)
Films in review, v.48no.1/2(Jan/Feb.1997)
Guardian weekly, v.156no.12(Mar.23 1997)
Listener, v.157no.2967(Mar.15 1997)
National review, v.48no.25(Dec.31 1996)
New republic, issue 4273(Dec.9 1996)
New statesman, v.10no.443(7 Mar.1997)
New Yorker, Nov.25, 1996
New Zealand herald, March 13, 1997
Rolling stone, issue 748(Nov.28 1996)
Sight and sound, v.7, issue 3(Mar.1997)
Spectator, v.278no.8798(15 Mar.1997)
Sunday star-times, Mar.9, 1997
TLS, no.4904(Mar.28 1997)
Englishman who went up a hill but came down a mountain
Entertainment weekly, no.275(May 19 1995)
Guardian weekly, v.153no.7(Aug.13 1995)
New Yorker, May 15, 1995
Sight and sound, v.5, issue 8(Aug.1995)
Cinema papers, no.113(Dec.1996)
Filmnews, v.24no.1(Feb.1994)
Guardian weekly, v.149no.3(July 18 1993)
New statesman & society, v.6no.260(9 July 1993)
New Zealand herald, Sept.2, 1994
Quote, unquote, no.14(Aug.1994)
Sight and sound, v.3,issue 7(July 1993)
Entertainment weekly, no.335(July 12 1996)
New Yorker, July 8, 1996
Sight and sound, v.6, issue 9(Sept. 1996)
Spectator, v.v.277no.8771(24 Aug.1996)
Sunday times, Sept.8, 1996
Time, 1995no.40Sept.30 1996)
Waikato times, Sept.14, 1996
Bulletin, v.116no.6021(May 21 1996)
Guardian weekly, v.153no1(July 2, 1995)
New Zealand herald, Sept.1, 1995
Sight and sound, v.5, issue 7(July 1995)
Sunday star-times, Sept.3, 1995
Escape from LA
New statesman, v.9no.421(20 Sept.1996)
New Zealand herald, Oct.31, 1996
Waikato times, Oct.31, 1996
Especially on Sunday
Sunday star-times, Sept.4, 1994
Cinema papers, no.103(Mar.1995)
Ethan Frome
Filmnews, Nov.1993
New Yorker, March 29, 1993
New Zealand herald, Sept.30, 1994
Europa (Von Trier)
Sight and sound, v.2, issue 1(May 1992)
Europa, Europa
Listener, v.135no.2735(Aug.29 1992)
Metro, no.135(Sept.1992)
New Zealand herald, Aug.21, 1992
Sight and sound, v.2, issue 1(May 1992)
Even cowgirls get the blues
Entertainment weekly, no.223(May 20 1994)
Guardian weekly, v.152no.3(Jan.15 1994)
New Yorker, May 30, 1994
New Zealand herald, Oct.7, 1994
Everybody says I love you
Bulletin, v.116no.6060(Apr.8 1997)
Cineaste, v.22no.4(1997)
Film comment, v.33no.2(Mar/Apr.1997)
Guardian weekly, v.156no.17(Apr.27 1997)
New republic, issue, 4269(Nov.11 1996)
New statesman, v.10no.449(18 Apr.1997)
Rolling stone, issue 754(Feb.20 1997)
Sight and sound, v.7, issue 4(April 1997)
Spectator, v.278no.8802(12 Apr.1997)
Sunday star-times, May 25, 1997
Executive decision
Entertainment weekly, no.319(Mar.22 1996)
Executive decision, v.6, issue 6(June 1996)
Sunday star-times, May 12, 1996
Exit to Eden
Entertainment weekly, no.246(Oct.28 1994)
Sight and sound, v.5, issue 8(Aug.1995)
Cinema papers, no.107(Dec.1995)
Entertainment weekly, no.267(Mar.24 1995)
Guardian weekly, v.152no.19(May 7 1995)
Sight and sound, v.5,issue 5(May 1995)
Waikato times, May 3, 1996
Exquisite tenderness
Sight and sound, v.5, isse 11(Nov.1995)
Extreme measures
Entertainment weekly, no.347(Oct.4 1996)
Sunday star-times, Feb.16, 1997
Waikato times, Feb.17, 1997
Eye for an eye
Bulletin, v.116no.6031(July 30 1996)
Entertainment weekly, no.310(Jan.19 1996)
New statesman & society, 21 June, 1996
Rolling stone, issue 727(Feb.8 1996)
Sunday start times, Nov.10, 1996