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1992 - 1996 Film Index - R

Rage in Harlem
Listener, v.139no.2779(July 10 1993)
New Zealand herald, July 9., 1993
Sight and sound, v.6, issue 8(Aug.1996)
Raining stones
Bulletin, v.116no.5914(April 5 1994)
Dominion, Jan.10, 1994
Guardian weekly, v.149no.16(Oct.17 1993)
Listener, v.142no.2804(Jan.8 1994)
Metro, no.151(Jan.1994)
New republic, issue 4132(Mar.28 1994)
New Zealand herald, Jan.7, 1994
Quote, unquote, no.8(Jan./Feb.1994)
Sight and sound, v.3,issue10(Oct.1993)
Raise the red lantern
Bulletin, v.114no.5848(Dec.1 1992)
Entertainment weekly, no.116(May 1 1992)
New Zealand herald, Aug.14 1992
Sight and sound, v.1, issue 10(Feb.1992)
Raising Cain
New Yorker, v.68no.27(Aug.24 1992)
Rambling rose
Listener, v136no.2743(Oct.24 1992)
Entertainment weekly, no.353Nov.15 1996)
New republic, issue 4273(Dec.9)
New Yorker, Nov.11, 1996
Rolling stone, issue 748(Nov.28 1996)
Sight and sound, v.7, issue 2(Feb.1997)
Waikato times, Dec.6, 1996
Rapa Nui
Filmnews, v.24no.3(Apr.1994)
Listener, v.143no.2823(May 21 1994)
New Zealand herald, May 6, 1994
Rapid fire
Dominion, Jan.18 1993
Sight and sound, v.2, issue 7(Nov.1992)
Rapture, The
Listener, v.138no.2768(Apr.24 1993)
Sight and sound, v.2, issue 3(July 1992)
Real McCoy, The
Entertainment weekly, no.189(Sept.24 1993)
Sight and sound, v.3,issue 11(Nov.1993)
Reality bites
Entertainment weekly, no.210/11(Feb.18/25 1994)
Nation, v.258no.11(Mar.21 1994)
New republic, issue 4132(Mar.28 1994)
New Yorker, March 7, 1994
Rolling stone, issue 677(Mar.10 1994)
Sunday star-times, July 17, 1994
Time, v.143no.11(March 14 1994)
TLS, no.4763(July 15 1994)
Rebecca's daughters
Sight and sound, v.2, issue 1(May 1992)
Reckless Kelly
Dominion, May 10, 1993
New Zealand herald, May 7, 1993
Red firecracker, green firecracker
Bulletin, v.116no.5979(July 18 1995)
Sight and sound, v.5, issue 9(Sept.1995)
Red Rock West
Dominion, June 11, 1994
New Zealand herald, Feb.25, 1994
Sight and sound, v.3,issue 7(July 1993)
Red squirrel, The
New Zealand herald, Jan.12 1996
Sight and sound, v.4,issue 10(Oct.1994)
Sunday star-times, Jan.14, 1996
Cinema papers, no.110(June 1996)
Sight and sound, v.4, issue 5(May 1994)
Ref, The
Entertainment weekly, no.214(Mar.18 1994)
Rolling stone, issue 679(Apr.7 1994)
Refracting glasses
Filmnews, v.23no.5(July 1993)
Reine blanche, La
Listener, v.133no.2718(May 4 1992)
Remains of the day, The
Bulletin, v.116no.5909(Mar.1 1994)
Entertainment weekly, no.195(Nov.5 1993)
Filmnews, v.24no.2(March 1994)
Guardian weekly, v.149no.21(Nov.21 1993)
National review, v.45no.24(Dec.13 1993)
New republic, issue 4116(Dec.6 1993)
New Yorker, Nov.15, 1993
Sight and sound, v.3,issue12(Dec.1993)
Sunday star-times, March 20, 1994
Time, v.142no.22(Nov.22 1993)
TLS, no.4728(Nov.12 1993)
Renaissance man
Entertainment weekly, no.226(JUne 10 1994)
Guardian weekly, v.151no.4(July 24 1994)
New republic, issue 4259(Sept.2 1996)
Sight and sound, v.4,issue 8(Aug.1994)
Rendezvous in Paris
Guardian weekly, v.154no.7(Feb.18 1996)
Sight and sound, v.6, issue 2(Feb.1996)
Reservoir dogs
Bulletin, v.115no.5880(July 27 1993)
Cinema papers, no.93(May 1993)
Entertainment weekly, no.142(Oct.30 1992)
Filmnews, v.23no.6(Aug.1993)
Listener, v.140no.2794(Oct.23 1993)
Metro, no.149(Nov.1993)
New Yorker, v.68no.35(Oct.19 1992)
Sight and sound, v.3, issue 1(Jan.1993)
New Zealand herald, Nov.7, 1996
Sight and sound, v.6, issue 4(Apr.1996)
Sunday star times, Nov.3, 1997
Rhapsody in August (Kurosawa)
Sight and sound, v.1, issue 9(Jan.1992)
Rice people
Sight and sound, v.5, issue 6(June 1995)
Rich in love
Filmnews, v.23no.4(June 1993)
New republic, issue 4081(April 5 1993)
New Yorker, March 22 1993
New Zealand herald, Oct.15, 1993
Richard III (Loncraine)
Cinema papers, v.22no.1(1996)
Entertainment weekly, no.3110(Jan.19 1996)
Guardian weekly, v.154no.18(May 5 1996)
Journal of popular film & television, v.28no.2(summer 2000)
Literature film quarterly, v.25no.2(1997), v.28no.2(2000)
New republic, issue 4230(Feb.12 1996)
Quadrant, v.44no.11(371)(Nov.2000)
Shakespeare quarterly, v.v.52no.2(summer 2002), p.24
Sight and sound, v.5, issue 6(June 1995), v.6, issue 5(May 1996)
Spectator, v.276no.8754(29 Apr.1996)
Sunday star-times, June 2, 1996
Time, 1995no.3(Jan.15)
TLS, no.4858(May 10 1996)
Richie Rich
New Zealand herald, Jan.20, 1995
Sight and sound, v.2, issue 1(May 1992)
Entertainment weekly, no.356(Dec.6 1996)
New statesman, v.10no.439(7 Feb.1997)
New Zealand herald, March 20, 1997
Sight and sound, v.7, issue 2(Feb.1997)
Sunday star-times, March 23, 1997
Riff raff
Entertainment weekly, no.160(March 5 1993)
Nation, v.256no.6(Feb.15 1993)
New Zealand herald, April 2, 1996
Rising sun
Bulletin, v.115no.5894(Nov.2 1993)
Dominion, Nov.8, 1993
Entertainment weekly, no.181(July 30 1993)
National review, v.45no.6(Aug.23 1993)
New republic, issue 4100(Aug.16 1993)
New Yorker, July 26, 1993
New Zealand herald, Nov.5, 1993
Sight and sound, v.3,issue10(Oct.1993)
Sunday times, Nov.7, 1993
River runs through it, A
Dominion, August 16, 1993
Filmnews, v.23no.3(May 1993)
Guardian weekly, v.148no.9(Feb.28 1993)
National review, v.44no.23(Nov.30 1992)
New republic, issue 4061(Nov.16 1992)
New Yorker, v.68no.35(Oct.19 1992)
New Zealand herald, June 4, 1993
Nexus, 15(Aug.2 1993)
North and South, July 1993
Sight and sound, v.3, issue 2(Feb.1993)
River wild, The
Entertainment weekly, no.244(Oct.14 1994)
New musical express, 25 Feb., 1995
New republic, issue 4162(Oct.14,1994)
New Zealand herald, Jan.27, 1995
Sunday star-times, Jan.29, 1995
Waikato times, 31 Jan., 1995
Road scholar
New republic, issue 4100(Aug.16 1993)
Road to Wellville, The
Entertainment weekly, no.248(Nov.11 1994)
Guardian weekly, v.152no.7(Feb.12 1995)
National review, v.46no.24(Dec.19 1994)
New musical express, 4 Feb., 1995
New republic, issue 4167(Nov.28 1994)
Roadside prophets
Listener, v.141no.2801(Dec.11 1993)
Sight and sound, v.3,issue12(Dec.1993)
Rob Roy
Entertainment weekly, no.270(Apr.14 1995)
Journal of popular film & TV, v.24no.4(winter 1997)
Jump cut, 43(July 2000)
Listener, v.148no.2873(May 13 1995)
National review, v.47no.9(May 15 1995)
New Zealand herald, May 5, 1995
Rolling stone, no,707(May 4 1995)
Sight and sound, v.5, issue 6(June 1995)
Sunday star times, Apr.30, 1995
Robin Hood : men in tights
Bulletin, v.116no.5903(Jan.11 1994)
Dominion, Jan.24, 1994
Guardian weekly, v.149no.26(Dec.26 1993)
New republic, issue 4101/2(Aug.23/30 1993)
Sight and sound, v.4,issue1(Jan.1994)
Robo cop 3
Dominion, Jan.10, 1994
Entertainment weekly, no.195(Nov.5 1993)
Sight and sound, v.4,issue 7(July 1994)
Sunday star-times, Dec.26, 1993
Rock, The
Bulletin, v.116no.6032(Aug.6 1996)
New Musical express, 29 June, 1996
New Yorker, June 17, 1996
New Zealand herald, July 26, 1996
Quote, unquote, no.37(July 1996)
Rolling stone, issue 737(June 27 1996)
Sight and sound, v.6, issue 8(Aug.1996)
Sunday star-times, July 21, 1996
Rojin Z
Sight and sound, v.4,issue 7(July 1994)
Roly poly man, The
Cinema papers, no.101(Oct.1994)
Romeo and Juliet (Luhrmann)
SEE William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
Romeo is bleeding
Entertainment weekly, no.208(Feb.4 1994)
Guardian weekly, v.150no.19(May 8 1994)
New republic, issue 4129(Mar.7 1994)
New statesman & society, 22 April, 1994
Rolling stone, issue 675(Feb.10 1994)
Sight and sound, v.4,issue 5(May 1994)
TLS, no.4752(Apr.29 1994)
Romper stomper
Arena magazine, no.3(Feb/Mar.1993)
Bulletin, v.114no.5846(Nov.17 1992)
Entertainment weekly, no.179(July 16 1993)
Guardian weekly, v.148no.10(Mar.7 1993)
Metro (Melbourne), no.117(1998)
New Zealand herald, March 19, 1993
Nexus, April 19, 1993
Sight and sound, v.3,issue 4(Apr.1994)
Rookie of the year
Sight and sound, v.4,issue 6(June 1994)
Roseaux sauvages, Les
Bulletin, v.116no.5999(Dec.5 1995)
Sight and sound, v.5,issue 3(Mar.1995)
Rough diamonds
Sight and sound, v.5,issue 2(Feb.1995)
Rough magic
New Yorker, v.73no.14(June 2 1997)
Sight and sound, v.6, issue 4(Apr.1996)
Sight and sound, v.2, issue 3(July 1992)
Ruby in paradise
Entertainment weekly, no.195(Nov.5 1993)
Film quarterly, v.50no.3(spring 1997)
New republic, issue 4111(Nov.1 1993)
Sight and sound, v.3,issue12(Dec.1993)
Entertainment weekly, no.194(Oct.29 1993)
Sight and sound, v.5, issue 10(Oct.1995)
Rudyard Kipling's Jungle book
Sight and sound, v.5,issue 3(Mar.1995)
Rules of the road
Nation, v.256no.19(May 17 1993)
Rumble in the Bronx
Entertainment weekly, no.317(Mar.8 1996)
New Zealand herald, May 17, 1996
Sight and sound, v.7, issue 7(July 1997)
Sunday star-times, May 26, 1996
Waikato times, May 22, 1996
Rumble time
Time, 1996no.13(Mar.25 1996)
Run of the country, The
Films in review, v.46no.9/10(Nov/Dec.1995)
New Zealand herald, Mar.8, 1996
Rolling stone, issue Oct.5 1995)
Sight and sound, v.6, issue 1(Jan.1996)
Rush (Zanuck)
Sight and sound, v.1, issue 12(Apr.1992)