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Film Reviews Index - Y/Z

Y tu mama tambien
Cineaste, v.27no.1(Jan/Feb.2002)
Entertainment weekly, 645(Mar.22 2002), p.79
Guardian weekly, v.166no.17(Apr.18 2002), p.17
Listener, 185no.3250(Aug.24 2002), p.55
New Yorker, v.78no.4(Mar.18 2002), p.152
New Zealand herald, Aug.3, 2002, p.E5
Nexus, 2003, issue 10(19 May), p.44
Rolling stone, issue 893(Apr.11 2002), p.138 [electronic version]
Sight and sound, v.12, issue 4(Apr.2002), p.40
Sunday star-times, Aug.11, 2002, p.F2
Waikato times, Oct.17, 2002, p.31
Yards, The
Film comment, v.36no.6(Nov/Dec.2000)
Guardian weekly, v.163no.21(Nov.16 2000)
New Yorker, v.76no.32(Oct.30 2000)
Rolling stone, issue 853(Nov.9 2000)
Sight and sound, v.10, issue 12(Dec.2000)
Yi Yi (A one and a two)
Guardian weekly, v.164no.16(Apr.12 2001)
Listener, v.184no.3242(June 29 2002), p.62
Metro, 252(June 2002), p.97
Nation, v.271no.12(Oct.23 2000)
New Yorker, v.76no.41(Jan.8 2001)
Sight and sound, v.11, issue 4(Apr.2001)
Sunday star-times, May 26, 2002, p.F2
Yolngu boy
Bulletin, v.119no.6267(Mar.27 2001)
Metro (Melbourne), no.140(2004), p.62
You can count on me
Guardian weekly, v.53no.23(Dec.4 2000)
Listener, v.180no.3199(Sept.1 2001)
Nation, v.272no.15(Apr.16 2001)
New Yorker, v.76no.39(Dec.18 2000)
New Zealand herald, Aug.25, 2001
Rolling stone, issue 855(Dec.7 2000)
Sight and sound, v.11, issue 4(Apr.2001)
Sunday star-times, Sept.2, 2001
Time, 2001, no.37(Sept.17)
You got served
Entertainment weekly, 751(Feb.13 2004), p.55
Sight and sound, v.14, issue 7(July 2004), p.72
Waikato times, June 3, 2004, p.27
Young Adam
Entertainment weekly, 761(Apr.23 2004), p.62
Guardian weekly, v.169no.15(Oct.2 2003), p.18
Sight and sound, v.13, issue 10(Oct.2003), p.72
Young black stallion, The
Sight and sound, v.14, issue 9(Sept.2004), p.92
Young unknowns, The
Entertainment weekly, 705(Apr.18 2003), p.49
Your beating heart
Sight & sound, v.7, issue 2(Feb.1997)
Your friends and neighbours
Entertainment weekly, no.446/7(Aug.21.28 1998)
Guardian weekly, v.160no.8(Feb.21 1999)
National review, v.50no.17(Sept.14 1998)
New musical express, 13 Feb., 1999
New republic, no.4363(Aug.31 1998)
Nexus, 2003, issue 23, p.46
Sight and sound, v.8, issue 10(Oct.1998)
You're dead
Sight and sound, v.9, issue 11(Nov.1999)
You're my hero
Sight and sound, v.14, issue 11(Nov.1004), p.72
You've got mail
Entertainment weekly, no.463(Dec.18 1998)
New Yorker, v.74no.40(Dec.28 1998/Jan.4 1999)
New Zealand herald, Dec.19, 1998
Sight and sound, v.9, issue 3(Mar.1999)
Entertainment weekly, 776(July 30 2004), p.48
New Zealand herald. Time out, 9 Oct., 2004, p.18
Sight and sound, v.14, issue 4(Apr.2004), p.72
Sunday star-times. Escape, Oct.10, 2004, p.6
New Zealand herald. Time out, 13 Nov., 2004, p.19
Waikato times, Dec.23, 2004, p.23
Zero effect
Guardian weekly, v.159no.7(Aug.16 1998)
New statesman, v.11no.517(14 Aug.1998)
Sight and sound, v.8, issue 9(Sept.1998)
Zero Kelvin
Listener, v.160no.2928(Aug.16 1997)
Sunday star-times, Nov.2, 1997
Zone 39
Cinema papers, no.116(May 1997)
Entertainment weekly, 618/619(Oct.5 2001)
New musical express, 8 Dec., 2001
New Zealand herald, Nov.3, 2001
Sight and sound, v.11, issue 12(Dec.2001)
Sunday star-times, Nov.4, 2001