University of Waikato Library Publications

Over the years the Library has published several resources which have become essential finding aids to lesser known, but worthy New Zealand related information. For the most part these can be found through Library Search, however as some publications are now maintained by another organisation, we provide historical information about these works and where to find them now.


The following bibliographies, originally created at the University of Waikato, have been transferred to the care of the National Library and are freely available through findNZarticles


The Library has developed several indexes and bibliographies to provide better access to some significant New Zealand content. The following works are now in our digital collections:

Library Publications

The following works were originally digitised by the University of Waikato Library. These are now freely available as part of the New Zealand Electronic Text Collection.

Polynesian Mythology : and ancient traditional history of the New Zealand race : as furnished by their priests and Chiefs by Sir George Grey. Ko nga mahi a nga tupuna Maori : he mea kohikohi mai na George Grey.

Facsimile reprint of the 1885 2nd edition, originally published in English and Maori by H. Brett.

In 1879, John White was commissioned by the Government to compile an Official Maori History, seven volumes of which were published between 1887 and 1891. The other six volumes were never completed and remained in manuscript form.

The University of Waikato Library transcribed and published the entire Ancient History of the Maori as 13 volumes. It is also available electronically from the New Zealand Electronic Text Collection at:

The individual volume titles are as follows:

Reprinted volumes
Volume 1-3 Horu-uta or Taki-tumu Migration
Volume 4-6 Tai-nui
Volume of Illustrations
Manuscript volumes
Volume 7 Te Arawa
Volume 8 Awatea, Taranaki, Nga-ti-hau, Nga-ti-rua-nui
Volumes 9 & 10, 13 & 11 Nga-ti-whatua, Nga-puhi
Reels 4 & 6 Notes

The Lore of the Whare-wananga, or, Teachings of the Maori College on religion, cosmogony and history written down by H.T. Whatahoro from the teachings of Te Matorohanga and Nepia Pohuhu, priests of the Whare-wananga of the East Coast, New Zealand; translated by S. Percy Smith.

Facsimile reprint, originally published in New Plymouth by the Polynesian Society, 1913-1915.

The individual volume titles are as follows:

Part I Te Kauwae-runga, or, Things celestial
Part II Te Kauwae-raro, or, Things terrestrial