Accident Compensation Appeal Authority


The Authority hears appeals against ACC review decisions under the repealed Accident Compensation Act 1982.

Governing legislation

Accident Compensation Act 1982(repealed)

Administering body

Tribunals Unit

Contact details

Contact details are found on the Accident Compensation Appeals Authority website.


NZLII has ACC Appeal Authority decisions 1978 onwards, and

ACC Appeals 1993 onwards. Decisions of the Complaints Review Tribunal

1994-2007. Supplied by the Ministry of Justice and

Thompson Reuters Judgment Service

Indexed by


;Digest of Accident Compensation Cases(to 1989)

Reported in

BACR; NZAR; NZACR; (1981-1984)

Library holdings of unreported decisions

Waikato University (1991 - June 1997); Otago University (1975 onward); Auckland District Law Society (1977 onward); Wellington District Law Society  (1977 onward); Canterbury District Law Society  (1975 onward)The District Law Societies also hold decisions of the ACAA's predecessor, the Accident Compensation Review Authority, made between 1974-1977.



Appeals against ACC review decisions made under theAccident Compensation Act 2001[previous entitled Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Compensation Act 2001] are heard by the

Accident Compensation Appeals District Court Registry.