Employment Relations Authority


The Authority hears grievance cases in relation to: unjustifiable dismissal; unjustifiable action by an employer; discrimination; pay; sexual harassment; parental leave; duress regarding membership or non-membership of an employees' organisation; breaches of employment law; breaches of, or disputes over, an employment contract.

Governing legislation

Employment Relations Act 2000

Administering body

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Contact details

Available on the ERA's web page.


Copies of determinations of the Authority and summaries of employment law cases are available from the Department of Labour's Employment Law Database. Details of coverage are provided above the search box. Decisions 2007 onwards available on NZLII

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. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment site includes a weekly updated Recent cases list.

Reported in


Library holdings of unreported decisions

(variously Employment Tribunal / Employment Relations Authority):  Waikato University (1991-1992); Otago University  (1991-2002);  Canterbury University (1992 onward - incomplete); Auckland District Law Society(1991 onward)



See also Employment Court. Decisions of the now defunct Arbitration Commission of New Zealand are held by Otago University  (1998 only - incomplete)