Employment Court

JurisdictionHas jurisdiction over most employment law matters, including civil matters relating to employment contracts. Hears appeals from the Employment Relations Authority
Governing legislationEmployment Relations Act 2000
Administering bodyMinistry of Business, Innovation and Employment
Contact detailsSee Employment Relations Service website
AvailabilityJudgments are available on the Court's website (mid-2006 onwards) and NZLII (2000 onwards). A list of recent cases is available from the Employment Institutions Information Centre together with online ordering facility. Supplied by the Employment Institutions Information CentreBrookers Judgment Service (from 1989).
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Reported inERNZHRNZNZELCNZILR (1987-1990); Judgments, etc. of the Arbitration Court of New Zealand (1979-1986); Judgments, etc. of the Industrial Court of New Zealand (1976-1978).
Library holdings of unreported decisions
NoteSupersedes the Labour Court (1987-1991) and the Arbitration Court (1980-1987). Decisions of these are also available from the Employment Institutions Information Centre