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The Library occasionally arranges trials of database products, to evaluate their suitability for purchase. If you would like to suggest or arrange a trial, please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian.

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The books, reference works, journal articles, cases, sample datasets, and videos in SAGE Research Methods provide everything you need to design and execute a research project. From verifying that your research question is a good one to conducting a literature review, to choosing and applying a methodology, the content in SAGE Research Methods will inform every step of your project. The full range of methods used in the behavioral sciences are covered, as are many commonly used in science, technology, and medicine.

SAGE Research Methods incorporates over 100,000 pages of full-text content from SAGE journals, books (including the Little Blue Books), and reference works, and provides a 'methods map' visualising relationships between methods terms, concepts, people and literature, supported by a newly developed taxonomy for social science research methods.

Trial ends 1 June 2018. Feedback please to Please include the name of the trial.

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