Troubleshooting Library Databases

Having problems accessing Library Databases?

Check Enrolment Status

Because of our database contracts, access to Library Databases is available only during the period you are enrolled. Access will be available 21 days prior to the semester for which you are enrolled and will continue until 6 months after the completion of your final paper. See conditions for use of Library databases.

Check Username and Password

If you are enrolled in a current paper, check that your username and password are correct. Check in iWaikato that your enrolment has been recorded correctly. If you are unable to login to iWaikato please contact the ITS Helpdesk.

Check Web Browser Version

LibraryLink Databases use 128bit encryption. Some web browsers do not support this kind of encryption so make sure you have a recent version. If you are not sure, try downloading the latest version of Internet Explorer or the Mozilla Firefox Browser.

Check Firewall Settings

Some firewalls block access to the ports our databases use to communicate with your computer. To fix this either 1) setup your firewall to allow access to port 2048 and port 9943; or 2) temporarily disable the firewall while accessing the databases.

If you are accessing these databases from a corporate network this might be your problem. Contact your local technical support to find out if this could be the issue.