Computer Areas

Computers are located on Levels 2, 3 & 4 of Te Manawa - Student Centre, and in TCBD.1.03 at the Tauranga Campus, and in the Teaching Resources Library. See Hours and Locations for open hours, and check out after-hours access for details on accessing Library spaces and equipment 24/7.

Library Computers

The Student Centre has computer access, printing and laptop connectivity, docking stations, and internet access. Additionally there are computing areas in the Tauranga Library.

Level 4 Docking Stations

Level 4 has 27-inch monitors and docks with USB-C connectivity. You can bring your laptop, dock and charge it, and take advantage of the larger screen for your course work.

Levels 2 & 3 Computers

The computer labs in the building comprise a variety of operating systems: Level 2 has a ‘pod’ of Mac computers and a ‘pod’ of Linux computers; Levels 2 and 3 have 85 Windows computers. All computers are available for enrolled students and staff to use. The Student Centre Computer Availability page shows how many computers are in use in each room and how many are currently available.

To login you will need a University of Waikato computer account to use these computers. If your account has been activated, just login with your username and password. New users, you will need to activate your user account.


All computers in the Student Centre include the following software in the standard setup:

Microsoft Office

All machines have the latest version of Microsoft Office installed.


EndNote is installed on the majority of University computers; if EndNote is not installed on a computer you are using, please contact the computer support person for your department/faculty.

If you would like a personal copy, see the Use EndNote guide to find out how.

Chinese/Japanese/Korean Characters

All the computers in the Student Centre and at the Teaching Resources Library are set up so that web pages in Chinese, Japanese or Korean may be viewed and support for these fonts has been enabled for the Microsoft Office software as well.

Adjustable Workstations

The 'pod' at the south end of the computer area on Level 2 has adjustable workstations that are reserved for the use of students who wish to use the kneeler or gas chairs (ask at the Level 2 Service Desk). There is a magnifier and flat bed scanner available in the Level 3 computer area.

After-hours Access

You'll need after-hours access to use the computer areas once the library has closed.

Te Mananwa - The Student Centre

Once inside Te Mananwa - The Student Centre, you can enter the computer area through the door to the right of the main Level 2 Library entrance using your Student ID card and PIN.


You will need your Student ID card and PIN to enter the building through the entrance by the 24-hour lab, via the south side pathway off Durham Lane.

If you need help with your Student ID, have forgotten your PIN, or lost/damaged your card, see ICT Self Help: Student ID Cards.

Security after-hours

There are no staff on after hours, however the security service are available anytime for emergencies and after hours security patrol.

  • For Hamilton Campus: Ring 838-4444 (or from an on-campus landline dial 4444).
  • For Tauranga Campus: Ring 022 013 0840.

Other Devices

Wifi, physical internet access points and power points are available throughout the Student Centre for use with portable devices. See also Library Regulations.

DVD Players

There are video players that will play both VHS videocassette tapes and DVDs found in the east wing of the Student Centre on Level 2. There is also a Blu-ray player. Remote controls are available from the Library Enquiries Desk.