Group Rooms

There are several rooms available for groups to use where they are free to work without disturbing other Library users. Group rooms are located in the Central, Teaching Resources and Tauranga Libraries.

How to Book a Group Room

Central and Teaching Resources Libraries

  • Login to Book a Group Room
  • Select either Student Centre or Teaching Resources Library
  • Click in the relevant time slot to make a booking
  • You can make a booking in half hour increments, up to a maximum of two hours
  • One booking per day, per group
  • Use the popup calendar to make bookings in advance

Tauranga Library

You can book a group room in Tauranga through Google Calendar. Follow these instructions to find out how: Meeting Room Bookings.

Things you should know:

Rooms are available to current students and Library staff - only enrolled students and Library staff can make room bookings.

Two hours is the maximum time you can book a room, however if no-one else requires the room Library staff can make a further booking for you or allow you to extend your booking.

The room must be occupied within 10 minutes of the start time - due to the high usage of these rooms, the booking will become invalid if you do not occupy the room within 10 minutes of the start time and the room will be available for others to use.

Please vacate the room on time - leave the room on time to ensure other students are able to make full use of their booked time.

There are booking priorities for Rooms 2.02 and 2.03 - official Student Centre events have booking priority for Rooms 2.02 and 2.03 (the rooms in the Student Centre Foyer).