Printing, Copying and Scanning

Copying, printing and scanning are all via the Konica Minolta bizhubs. You'll find them on each floor of the Student Centre and in the Teaching Resources Library in Hamilton and on each floor of the Tauranga campus building, including the 24-hour computer lab TCBD.1.03. See more about Student Printing.


You can photocopy on any of the bizhubs. Activate them for photocopying using your university ID card.

A4 Black & White $ 0.10
A4 Colour $ 0.60
A3 Black & White $ 0.20
A3 Colour $ 1.20

If you are just visiting the Student Centre, please see the staff at the ITS or Level 2 Library Service desk for a photocopy card. If you are visiting the Teaching Resources Library or Tauranga, ask at the Service Desk.


IMPORTANT!! Always save your work first if you are printing a document, PowerPoint or PDF from Moodle or online. Failure to do so may result in blank pages coming out of the printer

Printing costs:

A4 Black & White $ 0.075
A4 Colour $ 0.69
A3 Black & White $ 0.15
A3 Colour $ 1.38


Scanning is free on the bizhubs. You can choose to scan directly to your USB, or to your email address as a pdf attachment. See step by step instructions here

Extra Assistance

If you have an impairment or condition that prevents you from using any of our copying, scanning and printing facilities, we can help you. If you are in Hamilton, give a list of your requirements, together with a contact phone number, to staff at the Level 2 Service Desk or if you prefer, email the list to [email protected]. When the material is ready, we will contact you and advise of the charges. If you have any special requirements e.g. enlarged copies, please let us know. Please note that we are bound by Copyright legislation.

For information or help, please contact as above or the University Accessibility Services Manager.