Te Kohinga Mārama Marae

'The gathering of diverse understandings and enlightenments'

Marae Bookings

Te Kohinga Mārama Marae provides a high standard of catering and hospitality service. The marae is a support facility for the  University that enhances the Waikato experience’ hosting teaching,  learning and cultural needs of the University community.

The marae is also available  for external use subject to kaupapa, availability of the marae and at the  discretion of the Marae Manager.  The  Marae Manager reserves the right to cancel marae bookings at any time.  This will be done in consultation with all parties concerned.

Te Kohinga Mārama Marae Booking Form

CATERING - include times

Terms and Conditions of Marae Use

Hiring Te Kohinga Mārama Marae authorises the hirer to use the Marae, including all facilities available for the specified times and purposes such as:

  • The hire charge per night is $400.00 + GST.
  • The hire charge for day use only is $100.00 + GST.

Responsibility of Hirer include:

  • A bond payment may be requested prior to the premises being used.
  • There are designated smoking areas.
  • The removal of all rubbish is the responsibility of the hirer.
  • All breakages and any damages are to be identified and the Marae Staff are to be notified as soon as practicable.
  • Any repair/replacement costs are to be paid by the hirer.
  • The hirer is to leave the marae premises in a tidy and clean state.
  • A booking key can be provided for Hirer, However if the key is booked by Hirer then it must be returned as directed.
  • A key to unlock the mini skip bins can also be provided for Hirer. The mini skip bin is  located outside T Block – behind the courts adjacent to the wharekai. Feel free to dispose of refuse there.

Te Kohinga Mārama Marae - Catering

PLEASE NOTE: Venue and Catering charges are set costs and are to be kept separate from any koha that is placed on the marae during the welcome. The koha is at the discretion of the  manuwhiri. It is a part of the kawa pōwhiri and does not cover payment for the use of the marae.