• Wednesday 17 Jul - Wednesday 14 Aug 2024
  • 1pm
  • Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts || Concert Chamber
  • $15.00

Embark on a musical journey like no other with our captivating Wednesday Lunchtime recital Series!

Camila de Oliveria - Brazilian Piano Music

Wednesday 17 July, 1pm

Presented by: Conservatorium of Music

Enjoy this rich musical tapestry of Brazilian piano music performed by Camila de Oliveira.

Composer Villani-Côrtes was born in 1930 in Juiz de Fora, Brazil, and is still one of the most prolific Brazilian composers; he has written over 700 pieces, including symphonies, operas, concertos, chamber music, and solo pieces.

At a young age, Villani- Côrtes learned to play the guitar and cavaquinho (a type of Brazilian guitar mostly used in popular genres such as samba and choro) by ear.

A variety of genres, such as Brazilian popular music, Jazz, and European composers such as Chopin, Grieg and Ravel influenced Villani-Côrtes’s music.


Emerging Talent

Wednesday 24 July, 1pm

Presented by: Conservatorium of Music

Talented local high school students present a captivating display of budding talent and dedication.

These young musicians demonstrate their skill and passion. Each piece is a testament to their hard work and artistic growth, showcasing both individual proficiency and collective harmony within the ensemble.

This showcase not only celebrates their musical achievements but also inspires audiences with the promise of the next generation of University of Waikato performers.


Student Concert

Wednesday 31 July, 1pm
Presented by: Conservatorium of Music

Conservatorium of Music students inspire and delight with solo and chamber instrumental works and a variety of vocal repertoire.


Lara Hall and Rafaella Garlick-Grice

Wednesday 7 August, 1pm
Presented by: Conservatorium of Music

Lara Hall and Rafaella Garlick-Grice perform timeless melodies from Ukrainian and Russian composers including Skoryk, Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov


Katherine Austin - Spirit, Soul and Life

Wednesday 14 August, 1pm
Presented by: Conservatorium of Music

Katherine Austin, one of New Zealand’s leading pianists, performs a repertoire that celebrates spirit, soul and life! Each piece brings its unique character.

Haydn's Sonata is full of charm and wit, Beethoven's Sonata is deeply expressive and introspective, while Janet Jennings' "Pictures at the Waikato Museum" suite offers a fascinating exploration of New Zealand art through music.