Postponed - Children's Experiences of Baycourt Community & Arts Centre: Past and Present - Tauranga Public Lecture Series

Postponed Childrens Experiences of Baycourt Community Arts Centre Past and Present Tauranga Public Lecture Series
  • Monday 04 Mar 2024
  • 6pm - 7pm
  • The University of Waikato, Tauranga. Level 2, Lecture Theatre
  • Dr Bronya Dean and Prof. Lynda Johnston
  • Free

Postponed to Mon 10 June.

Children’s performing arts practices are often associated with home and/or school spaces. This lecture reports on a project that put children’s experiences of the performing arts centre stage at Baycourt Community & Arts Centre. Coinciding with the theatre’s 40th anniversary last year, Dr Bronya Dean and Professor Lynda Johnston undertook a two-phase research project, speaking with adults about their childhood memories of Baycourt (phase 1) and speaking with children who also drew about their experiences of Baycourt (phase 2). Bronya and Lynda share some of their findings and discuss the role a community venue plays in the lives of children and the development of cultural citizenship.

The Tauranga Public Lecture Series is a free community event and open to the public to attend. Registration is essential. Please register your attendance and present your eticket at the door.