University of Waikato Winter Lecture Series

The Winter Lecture Series is an annual free public lecture series hosted by the University of Waikato.

Run every Wednesday in August, the University of Waikato Winter Lecture Series provides an opportunity to examine interesting and topical issues in our community and take part in robust discussion.

The role of a university within its community is to be a critic and conscience of society and to share knowledge.

The 2015 Winter Lecture Series kicks off on August 5 at 6pm, and every Wednesday after. 

All lectures are free and open to the public.


Lecture 1: Things You Didn't Know About the Waikato with Te Radar

Wednesday 5  August 2015

TV personality and friend of the University of Waikato Te Radar will present a series of interesting and entertaining facts about Hamilton and the Waikato region.

More than just the home of No. 8 wire, Hamilton and the greater Waikato region is the proud birthplace of several artists and innovators, and the tertiary provider of many alumni of have gone on to do great things.

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Lecture 2: Do We Need To Worry About Our Water?

Wednesday 12  August 2015

Water is the lifeblood of New Zealand. We use it for tourism and recreation, and it is a large part of our cultural identity. It is also vital to the primary sector. Everything we do has an effect on water quality, and everyone has an opinion on water and which sector might be causing the problems. Is it humans? Is it cows or sheep? What can be done to ensure a sustainable New Zealand – economically and environmentally? And do we actually have a problem? Come along to this Winter Lecture to hear experts explore the varying ideas and research involved in the ongoing discussion of New Zealand’s water quality.

Hosted by Professor of Environmental Planning Iain White, panellists included Green MP Catherine Delahunty, Māori and indigenous legal issues expert Associate Professor Linda Te Aho, agricultural commentator Professor Jacqueline Rowarth and economist Dr Dan Marsh.

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Lecture 3: Is New Zealand Really a Multicultural Society?

Wednesday 19  August 2015


According to the 2013 Census, New Zealand has more ethnicities than there are countries in the world. We're a country made up of European, Māori, Chinese, Indian, Samoan, Filipino (and many more) ethnic groups. Many of us think New Zealand has a great quality of life, but how do our migrants feel? What are the benefits of belonging to a nation made up of so many different ethnicities? 

Hosted by comedian and columnist Raybon Kan, this panel discussion features researchers, migrants and social experts – including diversity acceptance advocate Anjum Rahman, indigenous population expert Dr Tahu Kukutai, and Māori issues expert Dr Leonie Pihama.

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Lecture 4: An Ode To Hamilton

Wednesday 26 August 2015

We finish this year's series on a light-hearted note, with a panel of proud Hamiltonians sharing what they love about The Tron. Hosted by comedian Jan Maree, the panel features former radio DJ and heavy metal musician Paul 'The Axeman' Martin, the Hamilton Mafia Project, architect Brian Squair, geographer Professor Robyn Longhurst, and several people who have made Hamilton their home after living abroad.

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Don't miss a lecture

If you are unable to attend any of our lectures on the evening, they will be available on the University of Waikato YouTube Channel.