Border exception for some returning international tertiary students

14 Jan 2021

On January 14, the Government approved a border exception for 1000 international degree-level students stranded abroad during border restrictions.

The exception will allow students to return to New Zealand in stages from April 2021, and priority will be given to those students who are closest to completing their qualification/course of study.

The University of Waikato welcomes this announcement and the opportunity for more international students to enter New Zealand to continue their tertiary studies.

Along with the rest of New Zealand’s tertiary education sector, the University of Waikato awaits further information about how this will work in practice and what this means for our international student community.

University of Waikato students wishing to express interest in returning to New Zealand should email

More information about today’s announcement, including the criteria for re-entering New Zealand, can be found here.



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